What do Christian scientists believe?

Just curious :)

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    Here is a List of them, look them up and asked them yourself

    Dr. William Arion, Biochemistry, Chemistry

    Dr. Paul Ackerman, Psychologist

    Dr. E. Theo Agard, Medical Physics

    Dr. Steve Austin, Geologist

    Dr. S.E. Aw, Biochemist

    Dr. Thomas Barnes, Physicist

    Dr. Geoff Barnard, Immunologist

    Dr. Don Batten, Plant Physiologist

    Dr. John Baumgardner, Electrical Engineering, Space Physicist, Geophysicist, expert in supercomputer modeling of plate tectonics

    Dr. Jerry Bergman, Psychologist

    Dr. Kimberly Berrine, Microbiology & Immunology

    Prof. Vladimir Betina, Microbiology, Biochemistry & Biology

    Dr. Andrew Bosanquet, Biology, Microbiology

    Edward A. Boudreaux, Theoretical Chemistry

    Dr. David R. Boylan, Chemical Engineer

    Prof. Linn E. Carothers, Associate Professor of Statistics

    Dr. Rob Carter, Marine Biology

    Dr. David Catchpoole, Plant Physiology

    Prof. Sung-Do Cha, Physics

    Dr. Eugene F. Chaffin, Professor of Physics

    Dr. Choong-Kuk Chang, Genetic Engineering

    Prof. Jeun-Sik Chang, Aeronautical Engineering

    Dr. Donald Chittick, Physical Chemist

    Prof. Chung-Il Cho, Biology Education

    Dr. John M. Cimbala, Mechanical Engineering

    Dr. Harold Coffin, Palaeontologist

    Timothy C. Coppess, M.S., Environmental Scientist

    Dr. Bob Compton, DVM

    Dr. Ken Cumming, Biologist

    Dr. Jack W. Cuozzo, Dentist

    Dr. William M. Curtis III, Th.D., Th.M., M.S., Aeronautics & Nuclear Physics

    Dr. Malcolm Cutchins, Aerospace Engineering

    Dr. Lionel Dahmer, Analytical Chemist

    Dr. Raymond V. Damadian, M.D., Pioneer of magnetic resonance imaging

    Dr. Chris Darnbrough, Biochemist

    Dr. Nancy M. Darrall, Botany

    Dr. Bryan Dawson, Mathematics

    Dr. Douglas Dean, Biological Chemistry

    Prof. Stephen W. Deckard, Assistant Professor of Education

    Dr. David A. DeWitt, Biology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience

    Dr. Don DeYoung, Astronomy, atmospheric physics, M.Div

    Dr. Geoff Downes, Creationist Plant Physiologist

    Dr. Ted Driggers, Operations research

    Robert H. Eckel, Medical Research

    Dr. André Eggen, Geneticist

    Dr. Dudley Eirich, Molecular Biologist

    Prof. Dennis L. Englin, Professor of Geophysics

    Dr. Andrew J. Fabich, Microbiology

    Prof. Danny Faulkner, Astronomy

    Prof. Carl B. Fliermans, Professor of Biology

    Prof. Dwain L. Ford, Organic Chemistry

    Prof. Robert H. Franks, Associate Professor of Biology

    Dr. Alan Galbraith, Watershed Science

    Dr. Paul Giem, Medical Research

    Dr. Maciej Giertych, Geneticist

    Dr. Duane Gish, Biochemist

    Dr. Werner Gitt, Information Scientist

    Dr. Warwick Glover, General Surgeon

    Dr. D.B. Gower, Biochemistry

    Dr. Robin Greer, Chemist, History

    Dr. Stephen Grocott, Chemist

    Dr. Vicki Hagerman, DMV

    Dr. Donald Hamann, Food Scientist

    Dr. Barry Harker, Philosopher

    Dr. Charles W. Harrison, Applied Physicist, Electromagnetics

    Dr. John Hartnett, Physics

    Dr. Mark Harwood, Engineering (satellite specialist)

    Dr. George Hawke, Environmental Scientist

    Dr. Margaret Helder, Science Editor, Botanist

    Dr. Harold R. Henry, Engineer

    Dr. Jonathan Henry, Astronomy

    Dr. Joseph Henson, Entomologist

    Dr. Robert A. Herrmann, Professor of Mathematics, US Naval Academy

    Dr. Andrew Hodge, Head of the Cardiothoracic Surgical Service

    Dr. Kelly Hollowell, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacologist

    Dr. Ed Holroyd, III, Atmospheric Science

    Dr. Bob Hosken, Biochemistry

    Dr. George F. Howe, Botany

    Dr. Neil Huber, Physical Anthropologist

    Dr. James A. Huggins, Professor and Chair, Department of Biology

    Dr. Russ Humphreys, Physics

    Evan Jamieson, Hydrometallurgy

    George T. Javor, Biochemistry

    Dr. Pierre Jerlström, Molecular Biology

    Dr. Arthur Jones, Biology

    Dr. Jonathan W. Jones, Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Raymond Jones, Agricultural Scientist

    Prof. Leonid Korochkin, Molecular Biology

    Dr. William F. Kane, (Civil) Geotechnical Engineering

    Dr. Valery Karpounin, Mathematical Sciences, Logics, Formal Logics

    Dr. Dean Kenyon, Biologist

    Prof. Gi-Tai Kim, Biology

    Prof. Harriet Kim, Biochemistry

    Prof. Jong-Bai Kim, Biochemistry

    Prof. Jung-Han Kim, Biochemistry


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    There is a Religion called Christian Science and this is not to be confused with Christians who believe in the creation account taught in the book of Genesis, or even someone who believes in intelligent design. Creation Science's founder Mary Baker Eddy is the founder of this religion. She teaches her own doctrines and not that of the Bible. She teaches that death is not real, nor is heaven or hell. Members use Christian Science "practitioners" (authorized professional healers who "treat" supposed illnesses for a fee) instead of doctors. Healing comes through realizing a person cannot really be sick, suffer pain, or die since matter is an illusion. Christian Science teaches that Jesus was not the Christ, but a man who displayed the Christ "idea." They also don't believe that He died on the cross or was resurrected physically. The Bible tells us the opposite is true.

  • 10 years ago

    scientists that claim to be "Christian scientists" are not actual scientists or have biased beliefs that go against scientific standards. However "scientists" that happen to be "christian" are no less scientists than other scientists and it usually has little to no role in t heir research.

    Unless you are referring to The Church of Christian Science. In which case i think they mix religion and science together so they are more logical sounding.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    That a magical invisible wizard had magical sex with a woman and had a baby with her without taking away her virginity, and that baby also is the magical invisible wizard, and the magical invisible wizards son, at the same time. Then that son that also is his father at the same time died , then woke up from death as a zombie and asked you to eat his flesh and died again.

    And all this happened 2000 years ago, and since the earth is only 6000 years old and humans were created first at the beginning of earth, dinosaurs lived along with humans, and God planted fossils under the ground to confuse archeologists today into thinking that the earth is older than it is, so that people would doubt his existance.

    You see it's all very complicated, and makes absolutely no sense no matter how you put it.

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    4 years ago

    No they don't. permit me provide you a itemizing of the failings Christian technological information teaches approximately Jesus. those materials have been taken from their own e book written by technique of Mary Baker Eddy and is termed---"technological information and well-being with Key to the Scriptures." They show that----- # Christ is the non secular concept of sonship # Jesus replaced into not the Christ, # "Jesus Christ isn't God, as Jesus himself declared... # Jesus did not mirror the fullness of God, # The sacrifice of Jesus replaced into not adequate to cleanse from sin. Others nevertheless have faith that Jesus did not die in any respect. greater greater Christian technological information teaches that there is not any devil, there is not any sin, evil and strong at the instant are not genuine, remember, sin, and disease at the instant are not genuine, yet purely illusions, existence isn't textile or organic and organic, base line, Christian technological information not purely is a cult yet is a blasphemous cult.

  • 10 years ago

    99% of all scientist in the fields of earth and life science believe in evolution, so most christian scienctist believe in it.One thing you need to know about evolution is that it does not explain the origins of life nor the origin of existence.Evolution is the explanation of how life evolved, hence the name "evolution."

  • 10 years ago

    well this isnt just scientists but many people look at the events in the bible as religious truths and not as actual literal things that happened. when its looked at like this the bible and science dont contradict each other as much.

  • 6 years ago

    Conscience communion with Mind has power go help humans

  • Danny
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    10 years ago

    They believe in God; awed and amazed by His unbelievable Intelligent Design and PURPOSE.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Usually they STFU about their beliefs or they talk too much about their supposed "Intelligent Design" and get black listed as a pseudo scientist. Because Intelligent Design and God are Bullshit.

  • 10 years ago

    there are not scientists christian but there is a sect but they are not truly christian.

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