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Whos betters Brandon Roy,joe johnson,or monte ellis?

i say joe johnson because bradon roy but he gets injured to much and monte ellis is just a scorer who do you think is better?

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    I agree. Joe Johnson has the best all around game between the 3. He's a solid defender and a great passer who doesn't get much credit because he plays at his own pace, but even though he's silky smooth, he's strong as hell and can back down any guard on the block. There aren't a lot of guys who are built like him. He can also be a sharpshooter with terrific range. Brandon Roy isn't far behind him though, and even though Monte is a beast offensively, he will have to step up his game on the defensive end and work on his jumper to be put in the same category as them.

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    1.)Monta Ellis is the best because he is the 4th best scorer in the NBA.

    2.)Joe Johnson is second because he is a little bit hurt still but he is getting better.

    3.)Brandon Roy is third because he was hurt for a very long time but he would of bin first if he wasn't injured.

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    Individually, I'll say Monta is the best. He can create shots and score through various ways and drive. Roy can do so too, but less of a extent to that of Monta. But Roy has better clutch, while Monta not as often. Johnson is actually the one that is "just the scorer". He's a good player, but a little overrated, but very overpaid.

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    The raptors do not prefer Monta Ellis in any respect, they have Jose Calderon and Jarrett Jack. As nicely-known Calderon is underrated, he's an wonderful component shield, hes as much as par with Chauncey Billups or possibly even Tony Parker. He was as reliable as... Andre Miller or Mike Bibby, yet he surpassed them..

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    I think Joe Johnson is better than all three of them.Brandon Roy's great,but he gets hurt alot and Monta is great too.




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    1. Monta

    2. Johnson

    3. Roy

    Monta has an almost complete game and is carrying the warriors by himself. he is going to be an all star next year

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    Monta Ellis is the best out of all 3.

    He can play defense and score at will.

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    @ Rondo...He can what? play D? lol u must be high.

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