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Fantasy Baseball - Team Advice Appreciated?

Here it is - would appreciate your expert advice & where to strengthen;

C V Martinez

1B A Pujols

2B D Pedroia

3B M Reynolds

SS A Ramirerz

OF A Rios, C Beltran, J Pierre

UTL B Abreu, D Ortiz

BENCH F Gutierrz, J Elisbury, J Loney, A Gordon

SP F Hernandez, ZGreinke

RP J Putz, B Lyon

P S Marcum, R Romero, C Wilson, K Gregg

BENCH J Zimmermann

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    Ideally, you should tell us how big your league is so it would aid us in giving you a rating/advice. It looks like the quality of this roster should make it a 12-teamer, so I'll assume that.

    Batting - Your weaknesses are third base, outfield, and utility. Reynolds provides good power, but his average is atrocious, so you'll have to make up for that at other positions. Rios is solid, but Beltran is an obvious injury risk. Pierre is a decent OF3, providing cheap steals and runs. Start Ellsbury over Beltran. You should also upgrade at least one of your guys at utility as both Abreu and Big Papi are getting up there in age and shells of what they use to be.

    Pitching - You've got two aces and one solid SP3, but that's it. You should improve on your SP depth. Romero will be decent, but Wilson will likely regress considerably. Zimmermann has long term potential and he is a decent sleeper, but he's still young. Your closers look fine for now, Putz should have a solid season, although you should not be expecting a repeat of 2010 for Lyon. Gregg is not guaranteed the closing job in Baltimore yet either.

    I would rate your team 6.5 out of 10. If it's a 10-teamer, assume an even lower rating. Deal with the weaknesses with your position players I stated as well as improve your starting pitching depth.

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    You have a very good team. 8.0 out of ten.

    Your hitting is unbelievable. Very good power, average, and stolen bases so thats great.

    Your pitching is good, but I'm concerned about the wins you are going to get. You have two aces, but they don't get much wins. Maybe you should try picking up a decent pitcher on the phils or the yanks.

    That's what I think. Peace out!

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