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I need to know how to reduce pimple size and redness OVERNIGHT!!! please help!?

I had a bad break out on my right cheek. It's covered in red pimples!!! I gotta go somewhere tomorrow and i need to know how to reduce redness!!

Don't tell me eye drops or some other product cuz it's late at night and i don't have time to go out and buy them!! Something i can use from my kitchen or counter. I tried honey and then using Aveeno Ultra-Calming SPF 15 but they're still red!! Will sleeping with honey on reduce redness??


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    here you go! Read it all. it helps! (especially the ice. it makes the redness and pimples less noticable and reduces there size)

    Some quick and easy homemade tips! This is NOT to long to read, trust me. It's all helpful!

    Cut down on stress as this acts as one of the strongest precursors of acne, Get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Sunshine triggers the production of Vitamin D which is essential to having healthy skin. Fresh air and sunshine will cut down on your stress levels and course oxygen through the skin, and Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Drink plenty of water!

    Make yourself a home remedy. Mix cucumber juice with the juices of lettuce, carrot or alfalfa and apply to your face. Leave on for about 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly

    Go out and buy yourself a tomato. Now crush it up and use its pulp by applying it directly on the acne. Let the pulp do its work for about a half an hour and then rinse it off with warm water. This is how to get rid of acne naturally without the expense.

    Crush up some mint leaves to obtain their juices. Apply the juices on your face and leave on for a few minutes. You can also do the same with toothpaste

    Avoid picking or squeezing your pimples

    Mix water with baking soda until it turns into a paste, then gently massage it on your face for about 30 seconds. Rinse the scrub off thoroughly. This works as an exfoliate which removes dead skin and oil that causes acne. You can also use plain oatmeal for the same affect. Simply cook the oatmeal, let it cool, and apply to your face for a few minutes. The oatmeal absorbs the oil from your face

    Apply some tea tree oil directly on your acne spots. The tea tree oil will kill bacteria because it works as a natural antiseptic.

    Acne isn't caused by dirt. In fact people with oily skin have cleaner skin than average because they wash it more often. But it's a fact that washing too much can make acne worse because it makes the skin dry and sore. So, wash no more than twice a day, using mild soap and water.

    Place an ice pack on the zit every Half an hour--and keep it there for 2-3 minutes each time. This tends to make the pimple less noticeable although it doesn't get rid of it totally. It makes the acne less red and stops swelling. like u know when u get a bump on ur head and u put ice to reduce it?? Yeah it's like the same thing.workeed for me at least...

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    Source(s): Holistic Acne Fighting Methods -
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    Source(s): Natural Acne Removal
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    For the best answers, search on this site

    I am NOT a dermatologist, but this is what works for me. I just started doing this and it's a life saver. Clean your hands, and clean the area, wrap your pointer fingers in tissue and get the puss out if possible first. This step isn't necessary but it will completely go away if you pop it first. Then put a small bit of vapour rub (YES VAPOUR RUB) on the pimple, and cover it over night. This is not harmful for you at all because vapour rub is meant for your skin and it has stuff in it that help shrink and calm the spot. When you wake up in the morning it will have shrunk to almost nothing, do it again the next night before bed and it'll be gone. good luck

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    While it took little less than two months for me to really see a difference, my acne, blackheads and whole lot of other skin problems I had such as eczema had completely cleared! It was totally amazing...

    Get Rid Of Acne Permanently?

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    Put an ice cube on it to reduce the inflamation...very gently pop them...put alcohol (or even better peroxide) on them when they are open...then more ice...if in the morning they are still evident...blot green eyeshadow on them and cover with your normal foundation. The green eyeshadow with counter act the redness because they are opposite colours..good luck...and don't stress about it...that also causes your body to react.

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    if you have advil liquid gels, cut one open and put it on the red bumps, leave on for fifteen minutes or even overnight and wash off in the should see a decrease in redness!

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    I've used a lot of spot acne treatment and Dermalmd Acne Serum by far is the best by far. Now it can't remove a pimple overnight but it reduced the size of it dramatically, I usually pot a dap on the pimple and then rub some on my forehead and noticed that my blackheads have started to fade away. The only negative I have is that it Burns when you put it on a pimple the burning sensation last for about 5min but you know it's working when it does that

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    Use toothpastee :)

    I'm serious, it will do wonders and will visibly reduce the size of your acne and redness :)

    It sounds weird, but if you apply toothpaste ( only on the acne, not all over the face ) at night, and wash it off in the morning I promise most of them will be gone :)

    How it helps?

    Toothpaste drys up your pores, and reduces acne and oily skin.

    If you want to know more about how it helps, read up on the articles on google :)

    I hope this helps you, I know it seriously helps me.

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    tonight use toothpaste on the big ones, and just wash your face well for the small ones. just to get rid of them, tomorrow go out and get neutrogena spot on treatment it works super well. before you go to the thing, put cover up and powder on the zits, and powder on the rest of your face. make sure to wash your face well morning and night, and wash off the make up after the thing so it doesnt clog your pores. before you go whereever you are going and if the acne is still there, try distracting from it. if its something casual and not like a sports event try a brightly colored necklace, top, or bracelet.

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