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Good Fantasy baseball teams?

a couple of my friends want me 2 do a fantasy baseball team and ive never done it what order should i go from? and should i get mark buehrle as a pitcher because i think he will have a good year considering it might be his last

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    Take a look at these cheatsheets from Fantasy Baseball sites to get an idea of who/how you should be drafting.




    As for Mark Buehrle, lol no. For fantasy purposes, he is very mediocre. And your logic makes no sense whatsoever, why would a pitcher only be better if it may be his last season? Which is also a complete wild guess by you. Bottom line, no, you don't want Buehrle in fantasy this season.

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    I wouldn't go off that. If you use the Yahoo Fantasy baseball league, they rank the players from 1 to 1000 on the top players. Generally, the top 50 are pretty accurate and you should really pick along with what they have ranked. Make sure you draft every single position, and a lot of starting pitchers, as if you have good pitching you'll have an easier time winning in your league. Try looking at depth charts, become familiar with the players, look at who is predicted to be the number one pitcher in each rotation, who is the top four in each lineup. Try things like that man, and good luck.

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