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33 vs 35 inch mud tires for off road?

i have a 95 jeep cherokee running 33s and need a new set. im trying to decide 33s or go to 35s. i think i will be getting mikey thompson baja claws, and the price difference is about $150. what would be the advantage or disadvantage of going up to 35s?

i have a small lift right now, but i plan on fabricating a lift soon based on the rough country 6.5" long arm kit. my friend just ordered it so i can get some accurate measurements before it goes on. it will clear 35s, but i just cant decide if i should make the leap or stick with 33s.

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    If you stick with the 33's, you'll have a lot more flex. But if you only do minor off-roading, and 35's look better, go with those. You don't want your Jeep looking goofy with tires that are either too small or too big, do you?

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    The fine bang for the buck in a load variety E mud tire I've noticeable is the Mud King. They seem just like the old BFG M/T, for the reason that the tread is in reality from the equal molds. They are produced as a exclusive label tire in a company owned by BFG and rate alot much less.

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