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What was the name of that really old movie about a jewish girl named rachel who?

Had a freind where they become "blood brothers" and poking a small hole in there fingers and shake hands. After that they want to become sorta closer so they go to one anothers religous temples. Rachel takes him to a synagogue and the boy takes her to church. Later on fearing they would not be accepted they try to go to africa by going on a small boat to canoe there (the characters are kids) but they wind up in a rough current rachel gets injured on her head. She is taken to her home and a priest and rabbi both come to her aid. At the end the rabbi assures that rachel will be fine and religon should never matter.

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    Hand in Hand (1960)

    Wikipedia summary:

    Michael O'Malley (Philip Needs), rushes to his priest to tearfully inform him he has killed his closest friend, Rachel Mathias (Loretta Parry). The story is told in flashback as Michael recounts their friendship, when he first befriended Rachel after she is bullied at school. They quickly become the best of friends. The young children decide to become "blood brothers" by pricking their fingers and running the blood together. They set off for an adventure, hoping to go London to visit the queen but are picked up by a kindly elderly lady (Sybil Thorndike) who takes them home and feigns her house is one of the queen's homes but she is currently away.

    Michael and Rachel are aware they go to church on different days and their religions are somewhat different but they do not ponder the specifics. When a classmate on school grounds however, informs Michael that Rachel is Jewish and "the Jews killed Christ", Michael rushes to Rachel at their clubhouse and angrily confronts her, "You killed Jesus!" Rachel is shocked and insistently denies it, she doesn't even know who Jesus is. Michael and Rachel conclude that God is angry at them for becoming friends but they are not sure if he will forgive them. They decide to attend church with each other to see if God is mad at them, feeling they will die if he does not want them to go to each other's church. Michael sneaks into the synagogue with Rachel the next Saturday and is somewhat puzzled by the ceremony but he stays and seems to like it as time goes on. The next day, Rachel goes with him to church and while somewhat frightened by the services and statues, she too feels comfortable after a while.

    Having concluded it is acceptable to God that they remain friends, Michael and Rachel decide to take an inflatable raft on a river for their next adventure, a trip to Africa. When the raft enters a dangerous area of the river, Rachel is knocked off board. Michael pulls her out of the river but she is unconscious. He runs to get help and adults in the area call for an ambulance. The film then returns to the present moment with Michael is grief stricken and telling the priest he killed Rachel. The priest comforts him and tells him Rachel may be all right and takes him to Rachel's home to see how she is. They are met at the door by Rachel's rabbi who is leaving and informs them she is recovering well but perhaps it would be better to visit her tomorrow. Michael rushes home happy that his friend is alive and the priest and the rabbi speak warmly to each other before walking away in different directions.

    There are clips at YouTube, including this one:

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    Tom Sawyer with Jodie Foster grow to be in 1973. "Hand In Hand" is a 1960 action picture a pair of little Catholic boy who turns into buddies with slightly Jewish lady inspite of the bright hatred of Jews by Catholics. Jodie Foster grow to be no longer in it. She grow to be born in 1962.

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