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Where is Legislative Assembly located in Victoria Island? What are the interesting sites to visit near by it?

Our school is going to take us for an event from Vancouver to Legislative Assembly soon in this month to Victoria Island. It would be a one-day trip and I wonder if there are any interesting sites around near by there, so that our trip would be more than just visiting that place.

So I wonder where Legislative Assembly in Victoria is located exactly? Is it in Downtown Victria? And also, where can we go to have some fun during that one trip for that event to there?

Please mention the place, the activity and the address if possible. Thank you very much. We are looking for some cheap and still interesting activities near there.

Thank you!

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    The Legislative Assembly of BC is located in the capital city of Victoria, which is located on Vancouver Island. The Legislative Buildings are located in downtown Victoria along the Inner Harbour and within a short walk from Beacon Hill Park. Located just across the street from the buildings you will find the Royal British Columbia Museum and IMAX Theatre complex. Most school trips tend to include the museum, at least the ones my son's school went on did. The museum is home to several static displays recreating a turn of the century town, native long house, and several other displays.

    The Royal London Wax Museum mentioned in another answer is presently closed and is supposed to be relocated. However they have been saying this for quite a while so what will eventually happen is anybodys guess. The Undersea Gardens are located just beside the former wax museum location, across the street from the Legislative Buildings and, as far as I know, is still open. If the weather is nice you can always take a walk around the Inner Harbour and head downtown towards China Town with a stop at Rogers Chocolates. When our group was there we spent time at the Legislature, the Museum and then a quick stroll to China Town (with a couple of stops) before heading back to the buses to take us back to school on the mainland. There is also Miniature World located near The Empress Hotel (in the same building but through a separate entrance).

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