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Randy moss & t.o or mike williams & mike sims-walker to the bears.?

lets face it the bears need a better recieving corps and i personally think

That t.o and randy moss would help them. T.o had 983 rec yards even at 37 moss had a down year because he wanted out of of the patriots which

Has a probowl qb and kept him in the

Spotlight.favre had a bad year so he was bad on the vikes and the titans

Qb's weren't playing well like brady.

but one problem age that why Sims- walker and williams would be a younger and maybe better option but they might want alot of money for Free angency and t.o and mass might take 1yr contracts so the bears could Fix there oline in free agency and the draft and worry about WR later in the draft


Mike williams seahawks

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    I think I would go with the younger of the four with Williams and Sims Walker. I am not sure which Mike Williams you are talking about because there are two (Bucs/Seahawks). But if you mean Williams of the Seahawks? I could see him not getting a contract extension. The Seahawks did use him, but I think at this point Williams wants to go to a team that he can win on. Sure the Seahawks are winning but the Bears are closer to a championship at this point. I could also see Sims Walker leaving to go to the Bears (if they lured him with a contract). The Jags are not a team on the rise just yet. They have been up and down and inconsistent. The Bears do need receivers, and I think Sims-Walker can be of help if given a real chance.

    As far as Randy Moss or T.O. I think they have had their time. It doesn't mean that they will never play again, but when you are comparing younger and much faster players, to older slower veterans, then of course teams want to go with youth. Both still have the ability, but they have become victims of their circumstances. T.O. is on a team (Cincy) that can't seem to get offensive production, and Randy bounced around to two teams because he didn't handle PR very well and the teams he went to were in disarray. I think both players sit out and perhaps retire.

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    Mike Williams already signed an extension with the Seahawks. And just because T.O. put up good stats doesn't mean he was efficient. Think of it like a basketball player taking 25 shots to get 30 points. Lots of points, but not efficient, and T.O. was near the top of the league in targets. Randy Moss only runs the 9 route (bombs, go routes, fly routes, etc) which makes your offense predictable. MSW is no better than Chicago's current receivers. Knox is good, Bennett has a good grasp as the hot receiver in the slot. The offense would be better suited by improving the line.

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    Moss is a cancer that would destroy the Bears look how wll the teams he played for did last year. Titans were on a roll before he joined the team.

    TO is another bad solution. Before the Bears Packers game him and Strahan were poking fun at Cutler and talking about how much he sucked.

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    TO or Moss would not gel with Cutler very well. They should just draft some WRs early

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    Williams and Walker.

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