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Please help me!!! My father who is a permanent US citizen and has been in the US for over 40 yrs had to book a flight to Guadalajara, Mexico this morning. His brother passed away suddenly and so he is on a flight right now. My concerns or question is he has a EXPIRED Mexican passport, his birth certificate, his permanent residency card, and other types Documentation. Will there be any problems with him coming back into the US? Will he have to renew his passport in Mexico or can he come back with the expired one? He has plenty of money and I know there will be some type of fees which is no problem. I just want him to have no problems coming back. Any info will be helpful.

Thank you!


Thank you for your help! Just need help to clarify one thing. In my dads case stated above he should be ok re-entering into the US with just his permanent residency card right? It would be wise for him to re-new his Mexican passport while he is there just in cause he wanted travel to another county other then the US or Mexico.

We have pleaded with him many times to proceed with become a US citizen but he feels that is not necessary. (he is a little hard headed!) I feel that now he realizes the importance of becoming a citizen and will want to do it once he gets back. I will make sure he starts the process right away. Since he is older in age and still has living brothers and sisters older then him in Mexico god forbid another one passes away anytime soon and he has to take another emergency flight out there.

Thank you again!

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    Charlie is correct. No changes were made or applied to the latest law that went into effect on June 1st 2009. You father is free to Fly Walk or Sail to Mexico. Canada and 17 nations in the Caribbean.

    Green Cards are the Holy Grail for Mexicans reenterng tha USA from any of the aforementioned.

    The information on a Green Card is more than Passport and a Mexican can only re enter with a Green Card. No Green Card > A Mexican must have a Passport and Visa.

    All foreigners with Green Cards do NOT need Passports to go and come from Mexico

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    All he needs to travel to and from Mexico by any means is his green card. If this were not true the airline would not have let him on the plane. They will not let someone fly to a location unless they have what they need to fly back. See site below and read section on Lawful permanent residents to see that his green card is what he needs. His Mexican passport has nothing to do with him reentering the U.S., though he would need it if he wanted to travel somewhere else in the world. Two things...I can't help wondering. Why has he never become a citizen? And since he has family in Mexico, why was he not prepared with the information he needed to travel there when needed? This is a very common thing...people with family in Mexico are not prepared to travel there when an emergency happens. Of course this is not your responsibility, I just hope others who read this will be sure they are prepared.

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