Why do Russians hate Americans?

I've heard from so many russians that they hate Americans, for example: Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Russian politician said so many times that he hates Americans, and a lot of Russians say so, why so much hatred tho? (if u ask me I hate Russia)

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  • Val
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    9 years ago
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    So, why do you hate Russia? :) Cuz if you do, you hardly have any moral right to question the other side, since you solicit them to hate you in answer in the first place.

    Now, most Russians do not know Americans to hate them. Most Russians know the US government, the US military and their policies. And since Russia is a socialist state, its people strongly disapprove and oppose these policies, since they result in deaths of millions of civilians. Like in Afghanistan, in addition to over million of civilians dead there during occupation, women and children most, heroin production on occupied territories rose 50 fold. Some say 100 fold. Most of it goes to Russia, often by the US air force, and is killing my countrymen every day. Also there is not an ally which the US had not betrayed, there is not a deal the US had not broken, there was not a war from which the US had not benefited supplying both sides. Plus the US education system and mass media which result in widespread barbarism among its citizens. Many good US people fall for it, and one can often see arrogant and self-righteous zombies, which is just sad.

    What is there to like?

    Luckily, far not all fall for it, which got me quite few friends in the US. I hope the tendency of using one's head over parroting the propaganda will prevail in the US.

  • 4 years ago

    Hey! wow there, dude! a lot of American politicians have said some pretty messed up stuff about Russia as well, that doesn't mean that all Americans hate Russians though, right? No country hates the other, some people just lack knowledge about the other country - and it's much easier to judge if you hear a negative news report or read a few negate articles (which there are quite a few of now, as I understand). It becomes easy to forget that Russians, Chinese, German, Brazilian - are all just people, and there are "good" and "bad" people in every country.

    I can guarantee you that there is no propaganda of hate towards the West over in Russia. There is American stuff literally everywhere and in its culture Russia is actually much closer to the USA than Europe, in my own humble opinion. It is unfortunate that the majority of those who decide to express their feelings online or on the news have very strong, very negative opinions and those who are neutral or those who love the US simply keep it to themselves, probably because good news is no news at all, right?

    Also - not sure who's said it before me in this trail and why, but Russia is definitely not socialist and it hasn't been since 1993 officially, and for much longer unofficially. In fact, I would argue it's much more capitalist than the West because the benefit system isn't as well developed there.

    Also, Zhirinovskii is often portrayed as a fool in lot of political cartoons, and from what I understand most people don't take him seriously. So I wouldn't by any rate pay attention to what he says, it's mainly aimed at exactly that - attracting attention, he doesn't care how.

    Hope this answered your question.

    A xo

    • The Man4 years agoReport

      "Much closer to USA than Europe". That statement about culture is false.. Have you even been to Russia?! Take this from a guy who is an actual Russian, what you said is utterly stupid. Дура.

  • Because America beat Russia in the Cold War but Russians are not only people that hate Americans British people Irish people French people and German people Italian people Spanish people Greek people Portguese people and Arab people hate Americans Russians and Germans are often bad guys in American movies Japanese people and Chinese people are also bad guys in American movies Japanese people and Chinese people don't like Americans either Russians used to be the bad guys then Americans used too be the bad guys now the Chinese people are the bad guys.

  • 5 years ago

    Hi! I m Russian, currently live in Russia. I just love Americans, aaand hate Russia as well! lol No, I m seriusly, I hate my country and Putin. And people here are just awful (I mean their characters, way of treating people and etc.). I dream to go away from this country some day and remember about this country never. lol

    Living here is a nightmare for a normal and intellegent person with high moral values.

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  • 5 years ago

    I think it is most unfortunate that the fate of millions rest in the hands of a few psychopaths. The comment by Seal 69 that "hatred is taught" is spot on. It is all fostered by false propoganda on both ends. Yes, bad stuff happens no matter where you go. I lived in Greece where the young men wanted to find American s and just start a fight. I see that in NYC too... lol In reality, I think most people generally have no bad feelings towards eachother. Many people in both contries just want to live in peace. As a matter of fact, I would love to visit Russia. Like the U.S.A., there is beauty in both. Those that say how much they hate eachother are nothing more than disrespectors that have not one clue about what they are talking about. I hope we do not resort to war because the world today cannot handle it. The loss of life and the economic ramifications on a global scale would take a heavy toll on all of us, accept those few that are in power of course.

  • 5 years ago

    the American government opposes communism ,while Russian Government dictates it, Russian civillians well most don't hate Americans , they are taught to

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Why do Americans hate Russians?

    Most on either side don't. Only some do. Try not to generalize. And as for why the ones who hate do hate ... you might want to get a history book. Pretty baisc information.

    • Robert5 years agoReport

      We don't hate Russians we hate,their leaders that do terrible things to people.
      Putin isn't as bad as Stalin but still Putin is bad

  • 5 years ago

    You see we hate American's because your ignorance and you made every country bow down to you after ww1,ww2,and the cold let's just get to the point WE HATE YOU BECAUSE ALL YOU TRY TO DO IS CONTROL US!

    • Robert5 years agoReport

      If were trying to control you then stop attacking Ukraine or I'll use my mind control powers to destroy you.
      But Seriously I hate our government to but every government is evil and we all hate the governments of every nation.

  • 3 years ago

    some do, some do no longer. Its jus like right here, some individuals dont like russians. those are jus the ignorant *******, **** the haters, guy, be u and genuine people will relish it, especially the russians cuz we some genuine mothafuckas somebody answer my question too, i've got been given wack solutions

  • 5 years ago

    Because America is the greatest country in da world and they're just jelly at us.

    Just duckin sayin'.

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