Does anyone have any links where I can find OEM replacement seats?

I am trying to build a 1994 Nissan 240SX, and I want to put a new interior into the car. The one inside is ruined with oil, grease, and gas. I want to use it as an everyday driver, but also drift it once a month in the summer, so I wanted an OEM rear and passenger seat, but a racing driver seat for a 5 point harness. Any links to web sites would be appreciated. I have a link to Certifit for body parts, but they do not have interior parts.

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    There is no place selling "OEM" interior parts for a 1994 Nissan. Your only bet would be to find one in a salvage yard that has good seats, but that's really a long shot for a 17-year old car. Your cheapest option is aftermarket seats or covers, or have the seats re-upholstered, but that will be fairly expensive.

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    I would recommend calling a local reputable auto body shop for an estimate. They may be able to locate the needed part(s) for you.

    Source(s): Crown Coachworks Auto Body & Paint in Los Angeles, California
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