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pros and cons of montreal?

Hi, I have recently applied to move from the UK to Montreal, I was wondering if people could give me the pros and cons of life in montreal... ??

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    - You don't really need a car to get around the city. Public transit is really good, clean, and safe.

    - It is a very bike-friendly city, with over 500km of bike trails on the island.

    - Much of downtown is connected underground by tunnels, malls, and subways so you almost never have to step outside in winter if you do not want to.

    - The city has a very European feel to it, with lots of terasses and open-air cafes in summer.

    - Montreal (and Canada in general) has a low crime rate, especially violent crimes.

    - Food is fresh and affordable in supermarkets. Restaurants offer a wide variety of ethnic foods to sample.

    - No poisonous animals or insects to worry about in or around Montreal. The worst is probably wasps, bees, and mosquitoes.


    - You will want to learn at least rudimentary French to get by here in Quebec. Montreal is the most bilingual city in the province, but it still helps to know the language.

    - Montreal drivers can be a little fanatical. They run yellow and red lights, exceed the speed limit almost all the time, and ignore crosswalks. Likewise, pedestrians are not afraid to jaywalk or cross against the signal.

    - Rent can be a bit expensive, depending on where you live.

    - Sales taxes in Quebec are on the rise. We now pay 5% federal tax (GST) and 8.5% provincial tax (TPS) which is charged on top (effectively taxing the GST tax). And the TPS tax is going up to 9.5% in 2012. So every $1 you spend in Montreal, you will pay 14 cents in tax on that purchase.

    - January/February you face -10C weather and lots of snow regularly. The road salt will stain your pant legs as you walk through the slush. July/August can be over 30C and very humid, making you pray for air conditioning or a pool.

    - Montreal is facing (as many other North American cities) areas of bedbug infestation. It is not a big problem yet, and usually affects hotels, but apartments and school dorms are certainly not immune. You can check the area where you may be living in the Bed Bug Registry (below)

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  • 9 years ago


    -diversity and culture

    -progressive minded people

    -insane amount of festivals in the spring and summer

    -beautiful architecture and landscapes

    -French (if you like it)


    -really long and very cold winter

    -French (if you don't like it)

    You can definitely get by in Montreal speaking no French, depending on what your job is, but you will have a much better time and get to know more people if you learn it. The government offers free French lessons to immigrants.

    Source(s): lived there for 2 years, loved it
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  • pros:

    night life is fun, a lot of fun art related things to do ( museums, ballet, opera, also live theater and many different types of concerts come here all the time) many festivals in the summer ( my favorite is the just for laugh festival) but the also have a week for fashion, cars and jazz festivals witch are also really fun. the architecture in some places are really unique and beautiful, and the old port is a fun walk. also circa soile comes often seeing as its home town is montreal. there's almost always something to do in the summer.


    the weather in the winter can be harsh, TAXES are pretty heavy, the roads are pretty mush falling apart around us, you pretty mush need to know french to be able to get around, summer is terrible when it comes to traffic because their always fixing the roads. and job hunting is harder

    but besides some of our lack for friendly driving in different places, it pretty much fun also the eaton center is a lot of fun ( if your in to shopping )

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  • 9 years ago

    It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. (and it is - truly). You will have to learn how to speak french because Quebec wants to preserve the french culture. But once you learn how to speak french - there is no place in the world like Montreal (pronounced - Moor Reeeal).

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  • 9 years ago

    It's not easy to get a job unless you speak French.

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