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gotta a lotta kings in my family. how come I'm not royal?

Guillaume III William Aquitaine m. Adele of Normandy

daughter Adelaide of Aquitaine m. Hugh Capet of France

son Robert "The Pious" Capet King of France m. Constance de Arles de Toulouse

dau Adela "The Holy" Countess Capet m. Baldwin V Insularis of Flanders

dau Matilda or Maud Countess of Flanders m Gherbod the Fleming and William I the Conqueror of England (which fathered Gundred has not been without controversy)

dau Gundred of England m William de Warren

son William de Warenne m Isabel Capet de Vermandios

son Reginald de Warenne m Alice de Wormegay

son William de Warren m Beatrix de Pierrpont

dau Beatrix de Warenne m Hubert de Burgh

son John de Burgh m Hawise de Lanvaley

son Baron John de Burgh m Cecilia de Baliol

dau Lady Hamyse Hawise de Burgh m Baron Robert Greslei

dau Lady Joan de Greslei m John de la Warre

dau Lady Catherine de la Warre m Warin le Latimer

dau Elizabeth le Latimer m Thomas Griffin

son Richard Griffin m Anna Chamberlain

son Nicholas Griffin m Catherine Curzon

dau Catherine Griffin m John Digby

son William Digby m Rose Prestwich

son Simeon Digby m Anne Grey

son Everard Digby m Katherine Stockbridge de Newkirk

dau Elizabeth Digby m Enoch Lynde

son Judge Simeon Lynde m Hannah Newgate

son Samuel Lynde m Mary Ballard

dau Mary Lynde m John Valentime

son Samuel Valentine m Abigail Durfee

dau Lucy Valentine m Philip Hathaway

dau Abigail Hathaway m Benjamin or Henry Tew

dau Abigail Tew m Isaac Sanford

dau Jane Abigail Sanford m Phineas King Rowley

son Frederick Rowley m Henrietta Peck

son Frank Sperry Rowley m Carrie Belle Zirkle

son Myrl Allen Rowley m Ina E Pease

dau Juanita Jean Rowley m Logan Pease

dau You!!


Dearest Yoshimom ... so sad ... looking for points.

Dear Fly by Night, I paid no one. This is a direct result of my family tree ... can't help getting "hit with a scepter on the way down." This is only one line of my family ... you should see the others ... this is only a "little" royal. I'm going to the wedding in April. Are you?

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    Who said you're not?

    Source(s): Your Majesty!!
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    One because if you go back enough generation we are all related to royalty.

    secondly I and my ancestors are from Anglo-saxon nobility we still have our family title and rights anprivilege'ses of peerage.

    secondly i hate to say this but the is a major flaw in fact many in your supposed family tree!

    I am guessing you paid some body to do the Research and they have had some fun taking your money!

  • 10 years ago

    because the queen has been overthrown!

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