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On the subject of Julian Assange. Also in reference to David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib...?

How many more of our own citizens will various Australian Governments of all (read "both) political stamps, allow to be illegally detained, framed and persecuted for holding political positions contrary to the interests of the great United States?

Julia Gillard ought to be ashamed. She stood back as Shadow Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs when Hicks and Habib were subjected to torture and imprisonemnt.The PM at the time John Howard.actively supported their captors in all their efforts to detain and then silence both men.All this.when neither of them had broken any laws either of Australia or of the countries in which they were arrested..

Now they have abandoned Assange to the vagaries of what we laughingly refer to as the International Justice System.

I believe Julian Assange is a rapist about as much as I believe that Charlie Sheen is ready to leave Rehab.

Why does our Government behave like this.?


And why do we as Australians allow them to do so?

Julian Assange:

David Hicks:

Mamdouh Habib:

And why have they written orders that these last two men should never speak in public or to a journalist or any publisher about whjat happened to them whilst in the custody of the great United States military justice system...on pain of being returned to prison? And that the publisher of any information so obtained, the writer and the camera crew who film any revelations will also be subject to custodial sentences...If they have nothing to hide?

Habib has seen a new enquiry orsered into his case at least...since he began to sue the Government for compensation...and they knew the Civil Courts would unearth some nasty truths.

...with a very tight Confidentiality clause

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    Hey doll, watch what you say, or the US will "bring democracy" to YOUR country! LOL

    J/K know there are quite a few of us in the US who are completely disgusted with Coporate America (who actually run this country) and have been fighting for years at a grassroots level to bring change. Some of us are sick over the loss of human rights and corrosion of our Constitution.

    It's really funny how a country that can produce a Rupert Murdoch can also produce a Julian man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

    You think Julian Assange would be interested in another hot blonde??? ;)


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    Same question back at you. Why do the citizens of Australia let their government permit the US government to behave in that way?

    I'm not happy that the "imperialists" in the USA seem to have taken over for now. But, we have rules about what we can do to each other in arguing about it. That's how we keep this silly system working. I'm not willing to resort to violence to get'r done without being sure I'd be improving the system, not just creating anarchy.

    I think if you can convince your government to utilize all its powers, it could embarrass the hell out of us (the USA). But, your imperialists get along with our imperialists so they are not pushing the cause of freedom. BTW I heard that they recently gathered up all your handguns, or was it guns period? So, you have one less tool to use...

    Does Australia have nukes of it's own, just in case you manage to convince your government to tell the US government to stuff it? Same principle....

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    the global, de facto aristocratic, banking elite (AKA the senior bond holders) are trying to consolidate their (already existing) global hegemony* over the world (with the exception of Iran, Venezuela, Russia and possibly China - who are all the "bad" guys remember)

    they cannot tolerate new technology being used to wipe the crust from people's eyes - the global struggle is on, whether people have realised it or not, and Julian Assange is part of it

    another man who is being silenced is Damon Vrabel who has already had to take down 4 videos because of numerous death threats

    better check out the rest before they get taken down or they just kill him!

    anyway, what we are seeing is the early stages of GLOBAL revolution

    If people are going to fight this fight they need to be SMART about it. They might also want to consider what kind of world their children will be living in?

    * - WHY do you think most of the world is in DEBT? WHO is it who can loan enough "money" to put the world in debt? Do people even know the genesis of this so called "money"?

    It's called LEVERAGE!!

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    Damn you are beautiful when you are angry, Like you I try to give others the assumption of integrity. In reality time has taught me that none of them have integrity, if indeed they ever did. Polititions are openly for sale, ring one and ask to speak to a senior person regarding a large donation. Where the US is concerned none have forgotten what happened to Gough Whitlam, and we will wonder forever what they did with Harold Holt. Stop watching the news it doesnt make you feel good. ((((E))))

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    The future generations will remember him as a great freedom fighter. But not until after he is assassinated. It is no small coincidence that people all over the world are standing up and fighting for their freedom and rights shortly after wikileaks started showing them what fools and liars their leaders are.

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    I just looked up Assange and found out that his roots when younger were largely hacking into computers. So he was one of those people who has no respect for anybody, is willing to invade privacy and read other peoples mail, a vigilante with his own subjective morality who probably planted a few viruses in his time also. Now some people hail him as a hero. But snakes remain snakes. A leopard doesn't change its spots. The guy who cheated off me in high school went to a career in used car sales. I'll look up on your links after posting this. Read between the lines when you think about these "counterculture heroes".

    Source(s): Wiki bio.
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    I are not able to say that either of them are heros of mine. I don't suppose we will ignore the evidence contained within the content and tone of David Hicks' letters to his moms and dads on the time he was once in an Al Quaida training camp. I do not consider persons being incarcerated with out trial though, which is what happens at Guatanamo Bay. He used to be absolutely a very impressionable young man, with no real feel of path in his lifestyles previous to that point. As for Julian Assange, he naturally has a tremendous ego. That in itself will not be a crime. I do not suppose that what he did within the wikileaks affair used to be a crime - sick viewed, in all likelihood, and unsafe if he put other peoples' lives at chance. But no longer a crliminal act in both Australia or the uk. The print and tv media unencumber touchy know-how to the general public all the time. To say nothing of bad old Bradley Manning, who evidently must certainly not have been in the us army within the first place. Says nothing for their recruiting practices. A young man who's careworn about his gender identity, and almost certainly suffering intellectual ailment is now close to surely dealing with very lengthy incarceration and on the whole lifelong social stigma given that of this episode. I do consider Assange could were just a little more touchy to the possible penalties for Manning. Which were very, very predictable. I consider it would be better if he could deal with the Swedish sexual assault fees. I recognize his fears of deportation/ rendition to the us, but as many people have cited, it might be less difficult for the USA to have him deported from the uk, in the event that they desired to. I feel that he will have to go to Sweden, and that the Swedes will have to provide govt assurances that he would not be despatched to the U.S. From there. I'm very ambivalent about the Swedish fees, having learn many accounts of what happened. It appears atypical to me that ladies who are one moment telling every person about their latest sexual exploits, after which the following (on discovering that he is been sharing his charms round a little), may also be complaining of some as an alternative weird swedish form of rape. From my own recollections of such things, i'm now not specific you should have got to receive written consent to every single example of together consensual intercourse following taking a stranger dwelling after a get together the night earlier than, providing no violence is used. I can not support considering that it should be viable to use modern science to question him regarding these allegations, or that a Swedish judicial get together could not just hop on a aircraft and obtain statements from him within the Ecuadorean embassy. I'm baffled with the aid of his option of the Ecuadoreans - finally, their human rights report over the last 50 years is WOEFUL.

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