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Im switching from hotmail to gmail and the new gmail account allowed for my old messages to be imported and the new ones will be imported for the next 30 days, how can I have this 30 days extended to permanent? Because important people email my hotmail account and I need those messages, but I need to switch to gmail for its contact/calendar integration with my phone. Thanks...

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    1 decade ago
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    You can't extend the account import per se, but you can accomplish the same thing in either of two ways.

    1. Go to Hotmail Options. You can get there by logging in to hotmail, clicking your name on the top right, and clicking on "show options for hotmail." There, find the option for "email forwarding." You can use this to forward mail to your new Gmail account.

    2. Another option is to login to Gmail, click settings at the top right, and go to "Accounts." Then, go to "receive mail from other accounts," and then enter the information for Hotmail. This will make Gmail check your Hotmail once an hour.

    Either of these options will make your Hotmail end up in Gmail, but you still have to login to Hotmail itself at least once every 270 days, or it will be deleted.

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