What will NASA do after STS-135?

Ok, so Discovery on mission STS-133 was already launched, and NASA only has 3 orbiters!

STS-133 marks the last flight of the Discovery!

STS-134 marks the last flight of the Endeavour!

STS-135 marks the last flight of the Atlantis... and also NASA itself?(This is what I want to talk about).

I want to know what will NASA do after the mission STS-135, which is known as the last planned Space Shuttle mission!

So, this is my list of questions, please answer IF you can.

1) What will NASA do after the last mission(STS-135)?

*Will they keep doing missions to the ISS? is so, how?

2) Is it true that to travel to the ISS after the last flight, NASA will start to pay the Russian Federal Space Agency to get them to the ISS whenever they need to? (rumor I heard)

3) What did this Yahoo news article mean by "a journey that marks the beginning of the end of the shuttle era." when they were talking about STS-133?

URL of the article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110224/ap_on_sc/us_sp...

4) By saying "the beginning of the end of the shuttle era.", did Yahoo mean that NASA is not really going to stop traveling to space... but what they are to stop doing is traveling to space in shuttles?

* Which means, will NASA start building new space traveling machines? better and easier to use than the 3 current orbiter?

Please, give me a detailed answer if you're willing to!

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    NASA is developing a new space capsule called Orion, that is similar to Apollo, and a new rocket called Ares to cary it. It is years away from the first flight.

    Private company Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) is developing a similar capsule called Dragon and a rocket called Falcon 9 to carry it, under a contract with NASA. It's first test flight last year was a success.

    Until these or others are ready, the world will rely only on Russian Soyuz to get people into space.

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    10 years ago

    NASA will continue doing top-quality research, launching satellites and probes and telescopes, funding many thousands of scientists and professors and students and high school teachers and even giving high school students a chance at doing research, just like they've always done. They just won't put people into space for a few years.

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    The commute has never carried out what it became into designed to do. It became into meant to be fleets of them that would desire to at last make area flight ordinary, secure and cheap. They have been meant to construct various area stations and colonies on the moon. the yank public lost activity in area and the commute never lived as much as the promise of being the two inexpensive or secure. It seems that scientist had it perfect the 1st time with launching rockets rather of reusable rocket planes. each and each commute flight costs the equivalent of launching a Saturn 5 rocket that took the astronauts to the moon.

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