The world seems to have some sort of obsession with these names. Why?

Sophia, Lily, Isabella, Emma

What makes so many people like these names? I'm not saying I don't, I'm just curious.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sophia - became popular in the US in 1997; I put this down to Sylvester's Stallone's daughter being called Sophia Rose and born in 1996. You can barely think of Sophia without the Rose now.

    I think the long O sound and the A at the end appeal to people. It sounds vaguely European, royal and exotic, and yet it's also ordinary and familiar at the same time. It has a cutesy nickname, Sophie.

    Lily - This was popular in England before it hit the US in a big at the beginning of the noughties. I think it might be part of the trend for "English" names that have come into vogue. It seems to have taken off just as Lily Allen was signed to a record label - that can't be ONLY a coincidence. Chris O'Donnell and Johnny Depp had daughters called Lily and Lily-Rose at the end of the 90s which would have made the name well known.

    Short, cute, easy to spell and pronounce, it fits in well with the trend for names with a strong L sound in them.

    Isabella - Became popular in the late 90s in both the UK and the US and has been well used by a number of celebrities eg Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. Fits in well with the current trend for "princessy" names for girls, and the ELL sound in names eg Ella. The nicknames Belle and Bella are cute and pretty.

    Since "Twilight" came out in 2005, this already popular name has soared up the charts . I don't think it's necessarily because everyone who chooses it loves "Twilight" so much as now everyone has heard the name and many go "Oh how pretty".

    Emma - It's often said that this name began climbing once Rachel chose it for her baby girl in the sit-com "Friends" - that was in 2002 (I think), and suddenly in 2003 the name is on the rise. (Rachel's other name choice was Isabella!)

    Celebrities called Emma, such as Emma Bunton and Emma Watson have kept the name in the spotlight, not to mention characters called Emma on popular TV series such as "Degrassi" and "Glee".

    Emma is cute, simple, easy to spell and pronounce and just very user-friendly.

    I think in general, what attracts people to these names is that they are obviously feminine and sound attractive. They are either simple or have simple nicknames. They tend to appeal cross-culturally as well (have met several Asian Lilys and Hispanic Isabellas, for example).

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    Lily is a super cute name. The "L-vowel-L-vowel" combination sounds cute and endearing.

    Sophia means wisdom and has a nice, soft sound to it that rolls off your tongue. It sounds sophisticated, but has a cute nickname -- Sophie -- that sounds great on a 2-year old but can go older as well.

    Isabella has tons of nicknames: Izzy, Bella, etc. I had a Polish friend in high school named Isabella and her nickname was Isa (EE-sah). Very cute! Also, there's that teen vampire book/movie series that features a girl named Bella.

    Emma is just a classic name. It rolls off the tongue, it sounds cute on a kid and great on adult. "Emmy" is also a popular nickname when a kid is young.

    I actually didn't know that the world was obsessed with Emma. I thought that it had become popular a few years ago when the Rachel character on "Friends" named her daughter Emma.....but I thought then it had become less popular. I agree that Lily, Sophia and Isabella are crazy-popular right now. Which is a shame because I love the name Sophia.

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    I only really like Isabella. Its just beautiful to me. It rolls off the tongue and its classic. Also I think it has to do with the nicknames you can have, like Bella. If you like the name Bella but you don't want to name your child Bella, Isabella is probably the first to mind.

    Its not that I don't like Sophia, Lily, and Emma but those names are common. Lily to me is just not as pretty as the other names and Sophia is kind of stiff. Emma is a nice twist off of Emily, but I would rather my child be Emmaline than Emma.

  • 9 years ago

    Sophia: I think older but classic sounding names are coming back. It may also have something to do with parents wanting to seem "sophisticated".

    Lily: It's spunky without being trashy or trendy I guess. And it's a nature name, it looks like that's coming back too.

    Isabella: I hope this didn't come back because of Twilight. If it wasn't so popular I would love this name, but right now I'm a little tired of hearing it. I guess it's classic and people want names like that.

    Emma: I always thought this name was really boring, I don't know why it's so popular but I'm kind of tired of hearing it. I guess it's a classic though and it's always going to be in the most popular.

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    9 years ago

    I've met 1 sophia and 1 Emma ,i've never met an Isabella or Lily . Where i live there not popular ,so i wouldn't know . However Lily is a favourite of mine.

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    9 years ago

    Because it's a trend. The more people hear the names & see cute little kids running around with these names the more people like them. Just like everything fashion, hair, & decor. Also, a lot of people do not pay attention to the popularity of the names or simply don't care either. Just like the popular names in the 90's, 80's, 70's, & so on. 10-20 years from now these names with most likely sound dated because they are being so overused right now. They are also very safe & normal choices right now, something your child would not get made fun of for having but pretty at the same time.

    ♥ {ag}

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    9 years ago

    Name popularity is a cycle and people often like something that sounds fresh. The problem is that what sounds fresh to one person often sounds fresh to a whole bunch of people at the same time because everyone is part of some type of group/society that influences our name preferences. In some circles you find tons of little Olivers and Juliens whereas those names would sound absurd in other neighborhoods/states/etc.

    So there is a group of people who prefer old-fashioned, charming (to them), feminine names. And a group of people who think those names are boring, sound like Grandmas, or whatever. Whatever name any one person has an "obsession" with will seem lame to someone else. Luckily, we each get to name our own children.

  • Over the years, names go through different phases. Some of the changes are dramatic (i.e. a name that jumps from a low position to a high position on the charts), others are subtle (i.e. names that slowly climb the charts or slowly go down the charts). I don't know if there's an actual explanation for it or not; it just seems to happen. The four names you provided are all actually "old-fashioned" names, even though they may not feel like it to a lot of people because of their intense popularity now.


    ETA: кяιѕтιℓуии put it very well! I agree.

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    9 years ago

    I only like Sophia from those names. There aren't many Sophia's where I am from. And I am actually naming my next baby Sophia if it is a girl

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    9 years ago

    I LOVE Sophia, Lily, and Isabella.

    Dunno why so many people like them. But they're beautiful IMO.

    Sarah Elizabeth ♫

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