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why is it CRT had resolution higher than 1080P but not LCD?

Most 99% of TV;s and computer monitors do not have resolution higher than

1920x1080 the 1080P.

Only some CRT have much higher resolution but you cannot find these monitors in

the store it is not for the public.

Like the iMac are bright and sharp do to it it is LED and has a resution goes is

2560 x 1440 .I never seen computer monitors go higher than 1920x1080 the 1080P .

I also think some of the macbook pro go that high too??

These are not for the public the highest is 1920x1080 the 1080P .Only 1% of

computer monitors go higher than 1920x1080 but these are not for the public.

LED and Plasma is better than LCD .

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    High resolution CRT's are expensive, bulky, heavy and power hungry compared to flat panels. That's enough reasons to limit their market share, don't you think?

    As for the "Only 1% of computer monitors go higher than 1920x1080 but these are not for the public." can buy high res monitors from Dell and HP all day long, and probably others as well.

    Usually, very high res monitors cost considerably more than the two industry standards (1080 and 720), and since most broadcast TV and media formats have a max res of 1080 (including Blu-Ray), the very high res monitors are not a cost effective choice for Joe Average.

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    I don't know where you got your facts but most computer monitors do well over 1080p and all HDTVs do at least 1080p (since that's the highest supported by HDTV standards).

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