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I'm wondering: How did Melanie come to Salem? I remember something about a guy named Max, and he went to Paris with a girl (I think her name was Chelsea.) And I think Melanie came to Salem because of Max.

Am I right or why did she come and move to Salem? History of Melanie?

And is Salem supposed to be the one that's the Capital of Oregon, or just a city called, "Salem"?

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    Melanie first entered the Days of our Lives storyline in the summer of 2008 when Max Brady found a picture of a young girl in his biological father's possession. Max soon discovered that the girl was his half-sister, and traveled to France to meet her. Stephanie followed Max, and together, they discovered that Melanie Layton was attending school in France and was a very popular girl on the European party circuit. She had many male admirers, including George, a smitten Frenchmen; many female enemies, including Tiffany, whom Melanie stole a bracelet from; and one man, Les, who was after Melanie for the money that she owed him.

    Melanie first appeared on screen July 31, 2008 when Nick watched the "Premier Party Girl" blog. Nick recognized the face from the picture that Max had shown him, and soon realized that Max's sister was "Premier Party Girl".

    The town of Salem is the setting for the U.S. soap opera Days of our Lives. It is located in the Northwestern United States, though the state is never mentioned. It was built and named in 1802, since Salem celebrated its 200-year birthday in 2002. Originally set in New England, the vague setting was moved to somewhere in the Midwest in the 1970s. Every year the real Salem, Illinois even holds a Salem Days fest, in which several members of the cast attend.

    Source(s): Soap Opera Central
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    There are several cities called Salem.

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    Well Mak knows how it went. I cant add anything to their answer. I was always thinking that Salem was in Massachusetts.

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