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Can I use cow TEAT DILATORS for a goat?

My doe delivered 2 dead kids. I had to help since they were still, their hoofs were bent as they were not helping. I have not been able to milk my doe because she has scar tissue blocking the milk. I've had a cow damage her teat and had to use teat dilators for a while, can I use them for my doe? Also I was told to just shove it in her teat. Does anyone know if this is correct? I only ask because if I can't get the milk out by milking and massaging and it's BLOCKED by scar tissue how am i suppose to put something IN her teat? Shouldn't there be a way to remove the scar tissue first?? I am not so worried for the milk, just that she doesn't lose her teat or get mastitis, she's already been through so much.

thanks for reading and your help in advance. God bless

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    Clean end of teat with soap and water or mild antiseptic. Insert dilator in teat and allow it to remain there until next milking, then remove dilator and discard. Discard first few streams of milk in strip cup, then milk out quarter.

    Clean and disinfect teat each time before inserting dilator. Use a new dilator in teat between milkings until teat milks freely by hand.

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