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Anonymous asked in SportsHockey · 9 years ago

Possible trades before the deadline, and deals already finalized?

Goligoski for Neal and Niskanen made sense. Im real big on Neal and Goligoski.

Blues dealing Erik Johnson, Jay McClement and a 1st rnd pick to the Avs for Chris Stewart, Kevin Shattenkirk and a 2nd rnd pick was interesting, and although I like Erik Johnson a lot, I think the Blues got the better deal. Shattenkirk has a Norris in his distant future barring a meteorite obliterating his house while hes sleeping, and Chris Stewart has had a hot stick this season.

I dont really care about Eric Brewer going to TBL, but Im Brock Beukeboom the younger brother of Jeff Beukeboom? I cant imagine there being some random unrelated Beukeboom that just happens to find his way into the NHL a half-generation behind Jeff.

Boston made a good Cup Contender move to acquire the likes of Kaberle, while Toronto is clearly looking toward the future, as well they should. Theyve been in "rebuild mode" for the better part of 2 decades and its clear that they need to continue on down that path.

Anderson for Elliott....ehhhh I think the Avs should have stuck with Anderson a bit longer, even if they didnt want to put him between the pipes. His play during the latter half of the season isnt characteristic of the norm in my always HUMBLE opinion.

Joe Nieuwendyk wants Dubinsky Stepan and Staal for Brad Richards. It would appear that Mr. Nieuwendyk has been hitting the sauce before 9 a.m. again despite the best wishes of his friends, kinfolk, and the family physician.Questions:

1. What do you think of the trades already finalized?

2. What rumors have you heard regarding other possible deals before the deadline? Which are more than just rumors, substantiated by some sort of factual basis?

3. Are the Red Wings going to be in the market for another goaltender after the Isles (and probably another 20 teams would have) foiled their plans for world domination, knowing full well that Nabokov wouldnt want to come to a HORRENDOUS franchise?

4. Speaking of horrendous, the Ilses and Devils have been doing their best to climb out of the Eastern Conference basement...while neither are mathematically eliminated to date, do you think either will, realistically, make a push for the 7th or 8th spot? Montreal, NYR, and Carolina are pretty mediocre and havent been playing great hockey as of late.

5. The Columbus Blue Jackets are in danger of being eliminated from playoff contention as well. They are roughly $7.5 mil under the cap and may be buyers in the coming week. With that money Scott Howson could buy another Rick Nash to play with Rick Nash...God knows Slick Rick needs some help, dominant as he may be. Why dont teams like CBJ utilize all of their cap space? Would that money come out of John McConnell's pocket?

BQ - How has everyone been in my recent absence?


LITY - Perhaps I dont watch Brad Richards enough to realize his full value...nor do I watch enough Rangers hockey for that matter.

As far as finding a way to acquire Nabokov...due to cap reasons, I believe, the Wings signed him to some minimal contract before he went through waivers...well under $1 mil if my memory serves me well ($0.570 mil?). Would he have a higher trade value if the Wings, Iles, and a 3rd party were to reach an agreement, or could the Wings get away with only having to deal some two-way contract, 4th liner, etc. to NJD or NYI and still obtain Nabokov in return? The whole process of clearing waivers is rather ambiguous to me as well. What happened to the 1 year contract that he signed with the Wings? Was it negated? Do the Ilses still own his rights? Do you think the Ilses will choose to suspend him for a whole season? Methinks that if a deal were to be made, the Wings would have to give up more to overcome Garth Snow's bitterness. You dont tell Garth Snow h

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    Brock's not the younger brother Jeff, he's the son of Jeff'.

    1) I think that the deals so far completed have been pretty good deals aside from the Anderson/Elliott deal. Why????????????? I heard about the Nieuwendyk requests for Richards, and after talking to a few other scouts and a couple of GMs, we all agree that he's worth it. Richards is Mr. Dependable, a former Conn Smythe winner, and a guy who was an alternate at the Torino Olympics and played for Canada at the 2004 World Cup. Stepan and Dubinsky aren't in the same class....and as good as Staal is/will be.....the combination of the three is worth it, although if truth be known, Ken Holland thinks that the Rangers should throw in a first round draft pick as well to make it even.

    2) Can't answer this question for obvious reasons

    3) Hard to say.................Howard leads the NHL in wins, and has a better won-loss record than Tim Thomas (30-14 vs 27-14). Teams in the past have certainly proven you can win a cup without stellar goaltending. I'm not so sure that they need a goaltender and I think they would be giving up too much at this point for what they would get in return. Personally I think the Islanders and Red Wings need to find a 3rd party willing to participate in a deal that would get Nabokov back to Detroit and get the Islanders a player that could help them in the future (New Jersey is the most logical choice but I doubt they would deal with the Islanders)

    4) Considering that New Jersey has 1 loss in regulation in the last 49 days (16-1-2) and have closed to within 9 points, I think there's a good chance that they'll be in the fight. New Jersey has traditionally been a second half team, while teams like the Rangers, Atlanta, and Carolina have traditionally been 2nd half laggards. The IIslanders are too beat up and probably too inexperienced to make a run this year.

    5) Columbus is in a similar situation to Calgary and Winnipeg. There's a certain price point that fans will pay and trying to charge above that price causes attendance to drop precipitously. Columbus is a money-losing franchise that is trying to hold sway. While it would make sense to take that money and spend it on players who would make Nash the superstar he really is, Columbus has opted not to do this. There is a school of thought that paying a player like a Kovalchuk would help Nash become all he could be and turn the Blue Jackets into winners (and draw more fans), the current management team is convinced that paying such a player would not be recouped regardless of how well they do in the standings. (Calgary and Carolina are proof that making the playoffs can make you profitable while missing them rarely does)

    Edit - The deal he signed with the Red Wings is the deal that he signed, and all teams have to abide by it. Because he signed the contract, he becomes the property of the NHL and the team that owns his this case the Islanders.

    The problem facing the Red Wings, is that by rule, a team claiming a player off of waivers, cannot trade him back to the team that put him on waivers....this is to prevent collusion (i.e the Red Wings knew that Nabokov wouldn't clear waivers so they make a deal with a low ranking team to claim him and then trade for him.......this is illegal in the NHL). So, the only way the Red Wings can re-obtain him is by hoping the Isles waive him and miraculously Nabby passes through to Detroit (won't happen), or the Isles reach a deal with a 3rd party who doesn't need Nabby and the 3rd party in turns ships him to Detroit. It's a complicated process. It was originally in place to punish players returning from the WHA 40 years ago (and Detroit got burned back then when they signed Vaclav Nedomansky from the WHA) and revived a few years ago.

    Unfortunately for Nabokov, the contract doesn't become live until he reports, so if Nabokov doesn't change his mind by Monday at 5pm..........the contract carries over to the 2011-12 season................with the Islanders still holding his rights. After both the Islanders and Red Wings are eliminated from the playoffs, the Islanders will be free to trade Nabokov to Detroit...............if the Red Wings still want him

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  • 9 years ago

    thers a rumor going around la and edmonton could make a deal involving simmonds and hemsky. BQ ive been great, burke made some moves that can make or break toronto, also ron wilson should be fired.

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  • 9 years ago

    I love your pic

    I really think the wings need another goalie. Yes Howard is good now but he might get into another funk. And ozzie is getting older and is not the same as he has been

    Source(s): I would answer more but my phone will not let me
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  • 9 years ago

    According to the CBA, the Isles cannot trade Nabakov this season. They can only waive him.

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