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Teeth grinding cures?

One of my front teeth is a Veneer, i grind my teeth in my sleep so the Veneer snaps, i've had a new one made now but that also came out and the dentist glued it back on today.

He said this is because of grinding. Has anybody got any good cures? I don't know if i can wear mouth guards because that might affect my veneer like pull it out?


i asked for grinding cures, not if i have worms? Or to so exercise because apparently i've never sweated or done any :S I appreciate the comments but they're not relevant

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    One year ago I still suffered from bruxism until I stumbeled upon an amazing book about how to cure bruxism. Here are a few tips I picked up to prevent bruxism:1. stress should be eliminated or reduced as much as possible.2. If the bruxism typically occurs at night, an evening routine of a warm bath, a cup of decaf tea and some relaxing music can help.3. Counseling and exercise are good for reducing the overall stress level.4. It also is helpful to reduce the amount of tobacco, caffeinated beverages, and alcohol consumed as they tend to increase occurrences of bruxism.This were tips to prevent bruxism. But the e-book also explains in detail how to CURE your bruxism. Below you find a link to that book so you can take a look .Succes !!!

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    4 years ago

    Deal with the stress and especially anger in your life. Also you should have your dentist/doctor give you an TMJ screening to make sure that there isn't a larger issue. I have been a lifelong teeth grinder (bruxist). The only thing that seemed to help me with it was happiness and joy finally eroded whatever made me grind.

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  • 10 years ago

    I think you are ignoring a basic question.

    Why do you grind your teeth while sleeping ?

    It could be due to "Worms" in your stomach.

    Get your stool tested to check for larvae if any .

    If found positive, go for de-worming. That should solve all your problems.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Anything that relieves stress. Exercise and shower before bed. Like Sweat dripping down your forehead, can't remember when you felt this sore kind of exercise.

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