should i get a SSD? helpp?

i was wondering if a ssd is that worth, and im not to sure what a ssd is and what it does so can anyone help me out thanks

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  • Jim
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    10 years ago
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    >Right now, I am telling everyone to avoid SSD for the following reasons.

    SSD drives are based on the same technology as flash memory...the same memory as camera, cell phone and thumb drives have. There is NO WAY to reliably determine the lifespan of flash memory. If you have owned any kind of NAND RAM (flash memory), like thumb drives for any length of time, you know for a fact that suddenly - they just GO BAD! OMG! Yeah, it's bad enough when you loose some files like picture files on a camera memory card or on a thumb drive - but imagine loosing your entire computer. I am calling it Sudden Disk Drive Death Syndrom. I coined this phrase myself SDDDS or just Sudden Death Syndrom (SDS). That is what is going to start happening to people's SSD drives. I figure, people who buy them today are going to experience SSD in about a year or two - they will just flip the switch on their computer and NOTHING! Computer dead. Then, they will come here, screaming at us..."OMG! My SSD hard disk bellied up! How can I get my data????" The answer is going to be - NEVER! You will NEVER EVER get your data from a dead SSD drive. When flash memory dies, it dies for good.

    So I am counseling people here - don't buy SSD right now at the stage of technological development it is in because there is no reliability in it.

    Other reasons not to buy it: It is 3 - 4X as expensive as mechanical drives. You are paying 10X as much for the equivalent amount of storage, since I can buy a 1 Teribyte drive right now, today, for $68. At the same time, an SSD drive that has only 250 Gigs on it, costs $150+ This is an insane monetary investment for so little just to gain a few seconds of speed, don't you think? I think it is a huge waste of money on an unreliable and unproven long term technology.

    Five years from now, if I am proven wrong, I will have to eat crow on this issue - maybe by then, they will improve the technology so it has shelf stability and reliability anyway.

    My recommendation is to stick with current mechnical drive technology.

    If you just have to have SSD - make damned sure you buy backup software and back your operating system up to an external mechanical drive! Otherwise, face a crash, but don't come whining about it like you weren't warned!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    An SSD is a solid state hard drive - basically it's a drive made from memory chips instead of a magnetised disc that's spun with a motor. They're faster but they usually have less space on them and are very expensive. In many cases you'd be better off with a few hard drives arranges as a RAID array - for the same price it's just as fast and they'll have more capacity.

    SSD's only improve loading times, they don't make the computer run faster.

  • 10 years ago

    DDS's are very expensive. If you want to work out the prife for one, consider it as £1 / $1 per GB.

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