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I've recently picked up a copy of the Legend Of Zelda Collectors Edition and have been going through Ocarina of Time. For the most part it is pretty fun and has many challenging puzzles, but sometimes I might get stuck on certain points and have to look up a walkthrough just to get past the part that I am currently at. While I'm reading I will notice that it will say that I should have already gotten the biggoron sword and epona which confuses me because I have no idea how to get them. Also it says that I should have gotten the mask of truth already before I grew up, and should have learned a few more songs.

I am honestly confused, because playing this while in game seems basic, but the authors of the walkthroughs and fans make everything much more complex with all of the secret bonus things. Is the game still playable without these bonus nuggets? Or do I need them?

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    So true! Every fan has THEIR way of doing things and a certain way that they think the game should be done. The game is quite fun and for some, getting those extra little bonuses adds to the enjoyment value. However, if you are only looking to complete the game at an average or fast pace simply to enjoy the story line and game-play, then getting these extra items and achievements can actually be a bit frustrating.


    The truth is, you DO NOT need to get the Biggoron Sword (or Giant's Knife) at all to complete the game. Sure the sword makes many bosses much easier to beat (best example being Dark Link or Shadow Link), but as far as being necessary to complete the game? Nope, not at all. In fact it is just as easy to beat the game without it as it is with it, especially when you consider the time and effort it takes to obtain the sword in the first place versus never going after it at all.


    Again, much like the Biggoron Sword, you DO NOT need Epona to complete the game. However, unlike the Biggoron Sword, having Epona around makes the game much more simple and quick at times. As far as time and effort that goes into getting Epona, it is a piece of cake and is well worth it. However, as previously mention, she is not necessary to beating the game.


    Out of all of the items you mentioned, the Mask of Truth is the least useful as far as beating the game is concerned. If you are looking to learn a lot about Legend of Zelda canon and folklore then the Mask of Truth is a great tool and good for a cheesy, Zelda-nerd, light hearted laugh. However, this item is by no mean necessary at all for the completion of the game.


    The songs are an interesting beast. There are songs you need as well as songs that you do not need. However, some songs are taught to you no matter what because the learning sequence or cutscene automatically starts when you access a certain area and a few of these songs may not even be used at all. There are six songs you DO NOT need at all. You don't need the Sun's Song, Epona's Song, Scarecrow's Song, Minuet of Forest, Bolero of Fire, or the Serenade of Water. Of those six songs you WILL learn three of them as the storyline progresses. Now, most of these six songs do come in handy throughout the game as they act as a sort of teleporting system and some of them will summon fairy's or even Epona (guess which one :-D). As for the remaining seven songs in the game, they are all necessary to complete the game (without cheating or using a glitch) and of those seven songs two of them (Saria's Song and the Song of Storms) need to be sought out. Meaning those two songs will not be discovered if you just go from point A to point B as directed. You need to find them yourself, but this is very easy as long as you aren't lazy. Just talking to a few people around town or in various places will point you in the right direction.

    All in all, the game is fun and if you have a chance to pick up these items or bits of knowledge quickly, then you mights as well, but if you do not then there is no reason to sweat it. Unless of course it is one of the two songs mentioned above. Otherwise, just have fun with the game and don't let the little things hold you up. Ocarina of Time is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. And the same should apply to any video game, otherwise it shouldn't be considered a GAME at all.

    Have fun and good luck!

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    You do not need the extra stuff to beat the game. However they are things that are fun to explore and may enrich your experience of playing it. There's a lot of extra things in the game, it's kind of surprising. Epona is one thing that you may really appreciate because it's so much faster to get around.

    You have to go to the Ranch as a kid and learn "Epona's Song" by taking out your Ocarina near Malo. Then after you learn the song you should go back to the Ranch as an Adult and pay the owner to ride on a horse. Play "Epona's Song" and Epona will come to you. do it a couple of times and the owner will notice that the horse likes you and challenge you to some races. Win the races and you get Epona. Epona can jump over fences when she runs fast enough. :3


    The biggoron sword you obtain from: A Big Goron! He lives at the summit of the Goron mountain Here's a FAQ on how to get the sword. http://faqs.ign.com/articles/487/487944p1.html

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    You don't need the sword or the mask but you should get Epona to get her you have to go to the Lon Lon Farm and vs. that crazy guy and beat him(or a timer don't know for sure) then he locks the gate but you can go over the fence where the tall tower or whatever its called then you have Epona. If you don't have Epona song go back in time as kid and start to go back to the farm and use your ocarina in front of the little girl who sings and she teach the song to you. I think that what you do but don't be sure for what I said.

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    forget about the sword but i would get epona ASAP. She makes everything ten times faster and more convenient. In order to do this you have to go to the horse farm located in middle of the pasture and race the crazy dude there. Im pretty sure its as simple as that but you should try googling it before taking my word. . . . . .

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    You should try and go back and get them.

    Zelda is a lot harder then people generally think, it is as confusing as the walkthroughs make it out to be. The one after Ocarina of Time is even harder.

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    well eponia you have to get at the ranch in the middle of the field... but you dont need the extras, its for the hardcore 100% completion fans

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