Mixed signals, does he like me or not?

I met this guy named Issac through a friend about 6 years ago & we reconnected about 2 years ago. Our mutual friend told me Issac wanted to see what's up with me but i told him to tell Issac to come approach me, there has always been a connection between us ever since we met. One day we ended up talking about us and he said "you know if i lived in this town it would be different between us" (as in being together) so I understood and brushed it off even though I told him I liked him. I was nice enough to bring along my "best friend" to meet him but she ended up being a ******* backstabber, she led him on and he liked her for a few months. He apologized to me, he said he was truly sorry for what happened and promised it'll never happen again. Ever since then we have been keeping in touch, we talk a lot about everything, when he's in town we ALWAYS hang out at least once. One night he was very drunk and wrote me this long letter about how much he appreciates me, how amazing i am and all these other things (it makes you wonder O.o) etc etc. The next day he wrote me again saying "oh I'm sorry bout the last email I was so drunk" ummm drunken mind, speaks sober thoughts, no? I ignored it so whatever. Another night we were at his mom's apartment hanging out watching movies, all of the sudden we were play fighting and we ended up cuddling in the couch for like 15 minutes, it was surprising but it felt sooo good. He moved to another country for a year but before he left he gave me the "talk" he said he wanted me to do whatever I want here or anywhere I go cause he didn't want to hurt me & didn't want me to "wait" nor believe something could happen between us. At one point I was talking to another guy and he seemed jealous making remarks about it and saying "damn someone is calling you a lot" or "you've got Michael, you'll be fine". Once again I brushed it off, I kept doing my thing with or without him. He's finally back in the States but before he landed I wrote him an email about something I found out about him and told him to leave me alone; he saw me at the mall one night and straight up rushed me just to say "HI" that's all he wanted. The next day he texted me about some "question" he had for me bout a check then I come to find out it was a BS story lol. Now we have been talking again but he's the one that calls me constantly, we talk for hours, we text each other just how we used to in the past. Now I'm just wondering why is he doing this? Does he like me or not? I don't get why he puts that facade on me when he shouldn't? help :( <3

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think there is a very good chance that he likes you. It can often be very difficult to tell, but if he is paying more attention to you than to others and going out of his way to do nice things for you that is a good indication. Give it some time and be patient. He probably does not want to be rushed. Enjoy what you have right now and let it evolve. Be yourself.

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