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AR-15 in .223 or .308?

ok im going to hopefully be purchasing an AR-15 sometime soon and im wondering which caliber would be beter please note this will be a naked gun no optics no for grip nothing im looking for a home defense weapon i live off in the country and sadly some of my neighbors have less than legal habits not only that but there has been several breakins im not PLANNING on haveing to use it agast some one but if i did have to which caliber would be more up 2 par and also im looking to hit the range with it what is the range of the .223 and .308 in a selective fire weapon? i want to be able to shoot up 2 atleast 250yards my freind had an ak-47 with a red dot optic and we were hitting targets at 400yards or so. which caliber would you select?


you people are missing the point i live ALONE i hardly ever leave the house i OWN a gun safe im wanting something that i could stop some 1 with and not only that i want to go to the range with it did you only read half the question? also not only this but i dislike shotguns useing bird or buckshot because of the scatter beside ive seen buckshot penetrate walls if ur going to sugest another type of ammo or gun please do not post shotguns or handguns unless its reffering to a hi-point carbine

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    So, a couple of things - fundamentally, whether the gun is select fire or not, the distance the bullet travels is the same. If you want and can afford a select fire weapon, more power to you.

    Regarding caliber - for all practical purposes unless you plan on hunting game animal with it, I can't imagine you are going to need anything more than the .223. Also, the .223 caliber is cheap to practice and plink with and there are available controlled expansion rounds for defensive purposes. Further, with the kind of AR you are talking about, I'm guessing you are looking at a short barrel carbine that is as light and compact as you can reasonably make it. None of that points to .308.

    Now, is .308 more powerful? Absolutely. But does that matter? It doesn't sound like it in your case. You aren't trying to take 500 pound elk or such.


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    I decided on the 308 vs 223. I got the DPMS panther LR308-ap4 and so far love it! As far as follow up shots you can shoot mine as fast as you can pull the trigger, so follow up is up to your skill really. My opinion was why spend that kinda money and get a 223 which is a varmit round when you can have a round for almost any north american game for alittle more that has a lot more punch. I think of it like the 308 can do anything a 223 can better. Yes you have 20rd vs the 223's 30 but 20 should be enough. It is sometimes harder to find parts though and magazines for 308 are scarce/expensive right now. I do have some 25rders on order for about 7 months now!! Its up to you but if you want a 223 seems like it would be much cheaper to just get a 22. Why not go big if you're gonna get a gun that nice. Btw if u haven't figured out yet I'm republican girl's husband...

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    A select fire .223 will run you $16,000 which is kind of expensive to shoot someone with and loose it. So I will assume that you have no idea what you are talking about and are looking for a semi-auto AR style rifle. The .308 is too long to fit through the action of an AR-15 and it will have to be in a AR-10 or DPMS LR style of rifle. My son has an LR-243 (.308 with a smaller hole in the barrel). It is heavy and not good for anything other than long range shooting. So you should get a nice little AR-15. If you call a football field 400 yds (typically 100 yds and all the farther most AK-47 can hit anything) that is fine with me.

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    .223/5.56 has an effective range of over 500m, but it's a lot easier to hit something with a 308 at that kind of range if there is any wind at all.

    If you get an AR in 308 it has to be a long-action model. The cost is significantly higher and there is less flexibility as far as uppers/parts/etc. For the price, you could get something better than an AR, although there's certainly nothing wrong with them.

    You can shoot larger calibers from standard-action ARs, like 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, 300 Whisper, 50 Beowulf, and others. They are also expensive, but from a single lower you can shoot .22LR and .223 when you want to go plinking. Then you can buy the uppers or upper parts without having to bother with a transfer.

    It would really suck if your neighbors broke in while you were away and stole your new AR though. Maybe you should invest in a good safe and a cheap shotgun instead.

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    Get the AR in 5.56/.223. The .308 is good if you want to hunt large game but you will go broke shooting it for fun.

    You are not in Afghanistan. Anyone you may shoot at will react the same whether or not you are shooting a 5.55 or a .50 BMG. They are going to want to get away from you.

    And none will be "select fire". They will only be semi-auto.

    You might want to add a shotgun to you list. For things that go bump in the night in the country a shotgun is perfect.

    But you also mention a problem with break-ins. Have a way to secure your firearms when you leave the house. You say your neighbors are not good neighbors. Shooting a high capacity semi-auto will tell them you have something that might be worth stealing.

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    If you really want an AR15 get the .223

    If you really want a .308 get a M1a

    More than likely if you have to use a firearm defending your home, it will be due to home invasion, and not long range attack. A shotgun may be something to consider. But, if you want to use this gun mainly for target shooting at long range, and also as a self defense measure, get one of the rifles.

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    AR's come in mostly 5.56 and some other calibers. But .308 that not an AR15 thats an AR10. Either way that caliber is going through a wall or 6. It doesn't matter what you use its going to go through multiple walls. But its your money.

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    I have both the AR-15 and M1A. I like the M1A. Bigger cartridge, more range and you don't need to keep it surgically clean to keep it functioning. But NOT for home defense in a populated area because of over penetration. A shotgun is always a good option also.

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    Oh God. Okay, if you wanna cap people breaking into your barn a rifle might work, but you usually can't shoot someone to defend property, so why would you need a distance weapon?

    If you want to defend yourself while stopping someone from breaking into your barn, wouldn't a handgun or shotgun be a better idea? Much easier to tote, simpler to deal with while checking locks/whatever, easier to bring into action.

    If you're worried about waking-up and finding an intruder in your house, an AR in either .223 or .308 has the power to penetrate walls (not, "a wall" but "walls") and hit a family member in another room. So can a handgun or a shotgun, but the risk is slightly lower.

    If you want to pick-off those pesky neighbor kids riding their ATVs across your property, get the .223, and a good lawyer. If you want to deer hunt, get the .308, but preferably as a Springfield Armory M1. If you want to defend yourself from trespassers and home invasions, get a shotgun.

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    .223 would be my choice in an AR. If I was to get a .308 it would be the M1A or the military version, the M14.

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