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is the bible like one long story or something?

Just wondering what you all base your beliefs off of.

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    No time for Gen.1:1,2; Job 38:4-7,30-32[angels]; Gen.1:3-25; God's day 4, of

    seasons, years and days given plant life along with more light through the

    water shield around that gone earth that was sustaining life long after all

    born in sin, the new heavens and earth will also, Rev.21:1-5. At time God's

    day 7 ends, Gen.2:2-4, all days will be one day, Heb.4:1-12, Last day with

    John 6:44; 14:3; Rev.3:12, for Rev.20:1-6, Christ Jesus 1000 yr reign. Adam

    Gen.1:26, to Son #7, Jude 14,15. Noah son #10, flood yr 1656, violence 669

    yrs, Abraham son #20 in genealogy of Jesus, Matt.1:1-17; Heb.11:1-40.

    Adam-130,105,90,70,65,162,65,187,182= 1056 Noah born.

    Gen.5:3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18,21,25,28-Noah born, Gen.7:6, age 600, flood,

    yr 1656, Noah dies yr 2006.

    Shem at 2, 35, 30, 34, 30, 32, 30, 29= 222nd yr, Terah born, dies yr 2083.

    Gen.11:10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24= Terah born, dies age 205, Gen.11:32.

    Yr 0130, at Adam, Cain kills Abel, Seth is born. He dies age 930, Gen.5:5.

    Yr 0130, at Seth, plus 105 yrs, his son( he dies age 912, Gen.5:8, yr 1042).

    Yr 0235, at Enos, Plus 090 yrs, his son( he dies age 905, Gen.5:11, yr 1140).

    Yr 0325, at Cainan, plus 70 yrs, his son( he dies age 910, Gen.5:14, yr 1235).

    Yr 0395, at Mahalaleel, + 65 yrs, his son(he dies age 895, Gen.5:17, yr 1290).

    Yr 0460, at Jared, plus 162 yrs, his son(he dies age 962, Gen.5:20, yr 1422).

    Yr 0622, at Enoch, plus 65(he dies age 365, yr 987, Gen.5:23,24, Adam 930).

    Yr 0687, at Methuselah, + 187 yrs his son(he dies age 969, Gen.5:27, yr 1656).

    Yr 0874, at Lamech, + 182(he dies age 777, Gen.5:31, yr 1651). Gen.9:28,29.

    Yr 1056, at Noah[age 600 flood, Gen.7:6, yr 1656(age 950, dies, yr 2006 -^-).

    Yr 1558, at Shem, plus 100(he dies age 600, yr 2158, 25 yrs before Abraham).

    Yr 1658, at Arphaxad, plus 35( he dies age 483, year 2141-Shem 2158).

    Yr 1693, at Salah, plus 30(he dies age 433, year 2126, Shem 2158).

    Yr 1723, at Eber, plus 34(he died age 464, year 2187, Shem 2158).

    Yr 1757, at Peleg, plus 30(he dies age 239, year 1996, Shem 2158).

    Yr 1787, at Rue, plus 32(he dies age 239, year 2026, Shem 2158).

    Yr 1819, at Serug, plus 30(he dies age 230, year 2049, Shem 2158).

    Yr 1849, at Nahor, Plus 29, yr 222nd at Terah(he dies age 148, year 1997].

    Yr 1878, at Terah(dies age 205, year 2083, Abraham age 75 son #20, Gen.12:4.

    Yr 2083, at Abraham's covenant, Gen.15:13[400th yr]16[4th gen], 18[to land].

    Yr 2108, at Isaac born, Gen.21:5; yr 2113, Ishmael departs, Isaac is heir.

    Yr 2288, at Isaac dead. Gen.35:28,29, Jacob age 120, 130, 147, Gen.47:9,28.

    Yr 2315, at Joseph age 57 in Egypt, dies age 110, Gen.50:22-26, end Genesis.

    Yr 2368, at 1698 BCE. 145 yrs to Moses Exo.7:7; 12:37,41, 430 yrs from covenant.

    Yr 2513, at Deut.34:7; & Josh.5:6,10,12, 41 yrs+ Judges 11:26, 300 yrs. 450 yrs,

    Yr 2963, at Samuel age 80, Saul & David 66 yrs, 2Sam.5:4,5. Solomon 40, 1Ki.11:42.

    Yr 3069, at 997 BCE, 1413 yrs after flood, 986 yrs from covenant. Judah kings end,

    Yr 3460, at Babylon[ 606 BCE, now at 2011 CE], was 2617 yrs ago, Jesus next king.

    Yr 4064, at birth of Jesus, age 2, Matt.2:11,13,16, yr 4066, Luke 16:16,17[John].

    Yr 4064, at 2064, yr 6128, Matt.24:3,21,36; of yr 6130, God alone knows day & hour.

    Adam to Enoch, Jude 14,15, son #7, Noah son #10, Abraham son #20, David son

    #34, yrs 2959-2989-3029, 1107-1077-1037 BCE, Jehoiachin son #48, year 3460 [606

    BCE, Jesus was son #62, now at 2011 CE], Judah kings ended 2617 yrs ago, there

    is no king until Jesus at 2nd coming. Luke 16:16,17; From Jesus keeping genealogy

    ends. Jesus ascended, Acts 2:27-35, from hell to God's right hand to prepare a

    place for firstfruits, John 6:44; 14:3; all possible saved in his 1000 yr reign,

    Rev.20:1-6, all are made alive[spirit of/from God is life in all souls, Matt.

    19:28[Eze.37:12-14], Rev.20:12,13, 1Cor.15:22-28,51-53; John 5:26-29; Dan.12:2;

    Acts 24:15; Isa.26:19; Rom.14:9-12; Heb.9:27; Psm.104:29,20; When Satan and any

    like him is no more, Rev.20:7-10; they alone are to blame.

    All is made new, Rev.21:1-5.

    New heavens and earth are cleansed, all have been given every opportunity, Rev.

    21:8. God had his heavenly and earthly families given eternal life, where all is

    new as promised, John 3:16:17:3; Isa.65:17,25; 2Pet.3:13; Bible is a big book, all

    is very clear, it take many years bible study to learn it.

    Source(s): Bible.
  • noni
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    9 years ago

    the bible is a collection of little books tied together under the same theme. Creation explanations, existence of God and the changing rules of religion as we become less selfish and more loving to our neighbours. The old testament often based actions on the an eye for an eye concept and the new testament on the forgive and forget the sins of the repentant.

  • Johnny
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    9 years ago

    The 66 books of the Bible are an amazing thing. Although our Creator used different men to pen the words, all of these books harmonize.

    In the beginning our Creator, through His firstborn Son, created the heavens and the earth. One of His heavenly sons rebelled and talked Eve (then eventually Adam) into eating from the tree that grew in the middle of the garden. (Although they were told not to).

    That rebellious heavenly Son became known as Satan the devil (because He was a deceiver). Immediately the Kingdom arrangement came to be, in which God's firstborn Son, Christ Jesus would rid the world of wickedness and crush Satan the devil.

    Unfortunately paradise was lost, and mankind began to die. How would they live again? How would paradise be restored? John 3:16 says “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, in order that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life." This ransom sacrifice would buy back what mankind had lost.

    God's Son said at John 17:3 "This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of You, the only True God, AND of the one whom You sent forth, Jesus Christ." Who is the True God that sent forth His Son? What is His name? Our lives depend upon knowing of God and His Son, so it is only reasonable that we find out.

    Why not Yahoo or Google WHAT IS GOD'S NAME right now? Who did Jesus pray to every time He prayed? Please find out, it is Very important.

    Source(s): Holy Bible.
  • fromm
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    3 years ago

    confident, in line with a collection of morals that some human beings think of are properly worth living with the help of. the main sensible Christians and Catholics will renowned that issues interior the bible did no longer rather take place, they are fables. A fantasy is a narrative with a lesson to be discovered from it, no longer something that rather befell.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The bible describes different superstitious stories mixed with some realities.

    Same do all other basic books of any religion.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Its even longer than all 3 Lord of The Rings movies

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's an assembled collection of Stone- and Bronze-age folk tales with a common theme; superstition and magic.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Its a hypnotic tool used to memorize idiots for hours

  • 9 years ago

    It's a library. It's a collection of booiks. If you read them all, there's an arc to the story.

    All of creation is the same. You are living the story toward its finish, even now.

  • 9 years ago

    It's a lot of different stories, philosophies, preachings etc.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes but not as good as Harry Potter.

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