how do i play a file with an ifv extension?

Hi. i backed up some videos from my security camera to a usb flash drive. i've saved the files on my pc but it wont play with VLC media player, Windows media player or Quicktime player. Does anyone know what program i need to play these files?


thanks guys but it's IFV not IVF

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    9 years ago
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    Detailed information for file extension IVF:

    Primary association: Indeo

    Company: Intel Corporation

    Mime type: video/x-ivf

    Identifying characters Hex: 50 EF 81 19 B3 BD D0 11 A3 E5 00 A0 C9 24 44 37 , ASCII: P............$D7

    Program ID: IVFFile

    and here is the codec to be able to play this kind of files

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  • 6 years ago

    This is how I got my .ifv files to play, when I purchased a mobile dvr recorder from china. There was a disk included with the player, client and server set up.

    I extracted the disk files to my desk top. Then I used ADrive( online storage) to upload these files, then I downloaded as a zip file (the english options off the disk) back to my desktop.

    Then I downloaded Bitser conversion software (It's free, and without advert) I used Bitser to convert/extract them as .rar files, then re-convert/re-extracte them as .exe files that my computer could read.

    When the wizard sheild icon popped up once the .exe files was downloaded, I knew I was in business, I simply open the file allowed wizard to install, then Icon for the player appeared then I opened the player( clicked around for the english language command.

    Put my SD card in the reader, opened the file with the player and they played.

    I am not computer literate at all, and you may be able to cut out some of the step if you know what you are doing but, it took me 3 weeks of trial and error, hit and misses and back and forth with the manufacturer and online research. But I got it to work beautifully.

    I do not know if the files will pay on any other player since they are still listed as .ifv on the manufactures player. But they do play.

    Bottom line you must convert .ifv to a file extension that your computer read. Or convert the Player Files to an extension so your computer can install the player that playback .ifv files. Hopes this helps.

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  • mburx
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    9 years ago

    If you have obtained a .ivf file, then you have an Intel Indeo video technology file. Latest versions of Windows Media Player should play back this video format. Indeo is a video codec that was developed by Intel but now is owned by Ligos . It is often used as in-game video during cutscenes. Media Player Classic is an excellent open source media player that can play back IVF files very well.

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  • 9 years ago

    The easiest way is to check whether a video conversion program was included with the security camera. If yes than use that to convert to something like mpg or quicktime format. If not than you are on your own and will have to try video-conversion programs till you find one that works. What also can be succesfull sometimes is to change the extension to flv. On Apples some files can than be played on Quicktime 7.

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  • 9 years ago

    its the Indeo Video Files (IVF) codec. you need to download the right codec more info on doing this is on this site

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