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UPromise Bank of America Credit Card?

So I applied for one because I paid off my credit debt on credit card that has no rewards or anything. Since I go to school, I really want the UPromise card and I think it is beneficial because I will use the credit card towards new glasses that will cost over 200 bucks. I just applied for the card online and the website did not give me an immediate response whether Im qualified or not. It just stated that the analyst will observe my application. Does this mean Im a risky candidate?

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    Generally speaking, yes, that does mean that an aspect of your application raised flags and review is neccessary. From my experience, it is uncommon to apply for a credit card from BOA, receive that message, and later, become approved. BOA has ridiculous rates anyhow. See if you can get into a credit union of some kind (check with your school-sometimes they have a credit union set up to accept their students). Make sure the next one you apply to counts-it affect your credit when you apply. Also, wait a substantial amount of time after your card has been paid off to apply for a new one-credit reports take time to clear and become available for review by financial institutions.

    Source(s): BOA employee for 4 years
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    New regulations have passed that is making it nearly impossible for anyone under 21 to get a credit card.

    You must have stable long term employment, good credit, and strong ability to pay back.

    If you don't get this card, consider getting a parent to co-sign on the card with you.

    But remember, try your best to never carry balances and pay in full each month.

    Carrying balances can destroy credit and in some cases devastate lives...

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    You will not be getting this card they will send you a letter in the mail.

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