At what point does the united states postal service stop delivering mail due to inclement weather Aka snow?

I need to know...

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    It varies from place to place and depends on the severity of either the snowfall, the winds, visibility, and wind chill temperatures. Generally, an order doesn't go out to suspend delivery unless it is determined that carriers are placed in undue risk to safety. And this will vary from place to place.

    Here in western NY, a foot of snow is nothing. It ain't fun, and it's slow going and less safe than a sunny day, naturally, but the mail can still go through. We're used to it, the state, cities and towns have the heavy equipment to keep the roads at least passable. In the south, two inches or more throws everyone into a panic. Many places have no plows, or insufficient equipment to stay on top of it. Drivers aren't experienced at driving in it. So it's a lot more dangerous there, and you would probably see service suspended.

    In my 32 year career, I can recall three days where we didn't go out at all because there was so much snow that we couldn't even get our vehicles out of the parking lot, three more where we were ordered to go out and then were brought back in when conditions worsened. The one day, I got stuck three times and had only finished one hour worth of delivery in normal conditions (took 2 and a half hours) before I was finally towed back to the station for the day. And once, wind chill temperatures of -30 caused the order to go out for carriers to come in if it was too cold. I made it through that day. In 1991 there was an ice storm that caused no delivery for three days, because there was no electricity, no lights, no heat.

    But, as I said, it varies from place to place and storm to storm.

    Source(s): Letter carrier.
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    we had a blizzard recently here in bartlesville oklahoma and the mail didnt come for three days!!!! so a few feet of snow is my guess.

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