Tori Amos' Last Meal on Earth?

What was Tori Amos' response to the question (who I assume is a portrayal of God who is asking the questions) "What would be your last meal on earth" or something along those lines. I also know that one of the responses to "God's" questions was "The Wolf". I have searched high and low, googled it to death and cant find the answer. I do know it is Tori Amos for a fact that is answering the questions. I do not know if it is the start of a song or the end or even if it is a bonus track. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • 9 years ago
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    here's the whole thing:

    I: Welcome to the end of your life. What is your name?

    T: My name is Tori Amos.

    I: And how do you describe yourself.

    T: I guess I describe myself as Atilla the Honey.

    I: You are about to begin your last 24 hours on the planet Earth. Is there anything you'd like to confess?

    T: No way. I'm not, I'm not going for that one.

    I: Where will you spend the last day of your life?

    T: Near some pasta, cuz it's like the best. It's the most yummiest thing. I don't care where I am as long as there's a great fat Italian cook close by.

    I: Who will you have sex with?

    T: The wolf. It's a really sexy man. A really, really sexy man.

    I: What music will you listen to?

    T: Zeppelin. Because it's passionate to me and it' goes beyond fears, that music.

    I: What film will you watch?

    T: Um...I'll watch The Jungle Book. I love The Jungle Book.

    I: What vices will you indulge in?

    T: The Peace pipe and some pasta with cream sauce in it because normally I can't have any dairy when I'm on the road. So I'm gonna have like loads of fattening stuff and it won't get on my thighs because I'm not gonna have a body anymore so it doesn't matter.

    I: How would you like to die?

    T: With the sunset.

    I: How would you like your body disposed of?

    T: I wanna be burned. Definitely burned. Like the witches.

    I: What do you expect the afterlife to be like?

    T: A lot like here. To be honest. I don't think that there's gonna be a huge difference, it's not like all of a sudden i'm gonna have a ice cream with cheese or anything. I don't really know what we'd talk about yet. I think the afterlife is a continuation of lessons. So I don't really think that there would be a huge change. Maybe the way that I saw this place would change. Looking at it from a different perspective.

    I: How will you sell yourself to Saint Peter?

    T: Hopefully I will have been able to Mary Magdaline before I'd run into Peter. And she knows all the dirt on Peter.

    Source(s): atilla the honey
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  • 3 years ago

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