White Steam from under my hood?

Okay, so here's a lil' background - about a month or so back, my 2003 Montero Sport was having a big issue with cold starts and I had the EGR Valve cleaned and the Fuel Pump replaced. Right before the pump (like the day before), the car had overheated and stalled. When the mech. checked it (pressure), he found a bad hose and changed it at the same time as the pump.m No problems since then.

On Sat. while cleaning my car, saw that the coolant was low and filled it, also throwing stop leak in for good measure JIC. Tonight after coming from store, all of a sudden there is white steam coming from the hood of my car (like when they found bad hose) and coolant was all gone. Filled the Res., but noticed that when I tried the Radiator, it was leaking out into puddle under car.

Now, I'm hoping that this is just a cracked radiator (will have to look again in the morning) but any ideas what I could be dealing with here?

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  • 9 years ago
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    1.When you noticed white steam coming from under the hood and you added water/or antifreeze, did you have the engine running or let the engine completely cool. If not you probably got a blown head gasket, cracked or warp head, or crack engine block. Hope this isn't the case. If the engine misses (skip) and/or you have water/antifreeze in your oil, these are the signs listed above.

    2. The next morning after everything has time to cool off, visually check the radiator; both radiator hoses; both heater hoses; water pump; then first fill the radiator with water in case you have a leak, you won't loose all the antifreeze. Add water to the radiator reservoir to the fill line. Start the engine. Observe the engine for any leaks(staying clear of any moving parts or hot water leaks). Observe the water in the radiator. The water should go down when the thermostat opens. While the engine is still running, add water to the radiator almost to the neck. The water should be moving inside the radiator cap opening. This is a sign that the water pump is working. Reinstall the radiator cap very carefully (radiator and water will be hot careful not to get burnt). Observe the water in the reservoir in case you need to add more water. Observe the engine while it is running (staying clear of any moving parts), when it gets up to temperature, the radiator electric fan/fans should start running (staying clear of moving fan blades). Observe the cooling system for any leaks. If any leaks, identify and shut engine off and let cool. Replace leaky parts as needed.

    3. Signs of Leaks: loose or broken radiator or heater hose/hoses; water pump seal leaking out of port hole; freeze plug/plugs; cracked radiator; bad radiator cap; bad thermostat; busted heater core; blown head gasket; cracked head; cracked engine block. Cooling fan/fans not working check fuses, check power at fan/fans with DC voltmeter, check connections. If fan is bad replace fan.

    4. After determining where the leak was located and repaired, drain remaining water and fill with 50/50 antifreeze and follow the above steps in topping off the system. Good Luck

    Source(s): 45 years experience
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    So you are saying he changed a coolant hose? Well, either way, there are two radiator hoses so maybe it is the other. In the morning you will see what is leaking. Probably a hose.

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