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whats ur views on the situation in Libya?

im Libyan well, half Libyan

my dad is stuck over there, i hate gaddafi's guts and want him dead.

im att protests everywhere. cant wait for the revolution to take place.


@ star....much much much more evil!!

Update 2:

@goldfish....thats very nice...thank you. i also think you are right about the whole gaddafi staying to soothe his ego. he is delusional in thinking that some people want him.

Update 3:

@saladin......believe me, im trying....theres no way to get in to Libya right now, i have to w8 till it cools down a bit and then im off like rocket!

Update 4:

@ katie....and i think you are a dumb racist who is personally attacking me by calling me a terrorist all the time. if that were the case dear, you would be the first on my short list!!!

now go to a corner and cry at your doomed fate

Update 5: are mistaken....the libyans had to complain cuz that was when the dictator literally dictated how they had to react. whatever he said was done. and if u dared question it, you were shot dead, like many ppl i'v heard of who dared to have an opposite opinion to his. now, its all gonna change, finally!!!!!!!!!

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    It's a horrible situation. I think because Gaddafi has been in power longer and has seen how "easily" Mubarak gave up, he's going to hold on just to soothe his ego and show the world he has bigger balls. It's very unfair and what I've read about it thus far makes me feel bad for the people suffering there. That Gaddafi is holding on with his teeth makes me angry, and shows just where his values lie.

    I wish the Libyan people the best, and hope your father stays safe. I can't imagine how tough that is to deal with.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The dictator is one crazy man. He has so many phobias. He is evil very very evil. I think more evil than Mubarak, But Allah knows best.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Who cares anymore. Whatever happens, we'll get the blame for it. If we invade and kick out their dictator they complain. If we kick another invader out their country, they complain. If we criticize them, they complain, If we don't criticize them, they complain. If we buy their oil, they complain. If we don't buy their oil, they complain. If support their dictator, they complain, if don't support their dictator when their dictator was the dictator, they complain. When we send a bomb in their dictator's livingroom, they complain. Then they complain that we always supported their dictator even though we spent years trying to kill him... Complain, complain, complain... Its time to blame China for all the world's problems. They're quickly sucking up most of the world's oil and other resources anyway. And, they persecute their Muslims!

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  • 10 years ago

    I feel bad for gaddafi.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Then go get him.

    You are not a coward; are you/

  • 10 years ago


    But I think you are a preachy Muslim who thinks she's right when Muslims are dumb terrorists

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