Is it painful getting your tongue pierced?

I'm a fourteen year old female. I'm very interested in getting my tongue pierced. I have no other piercings, other than the typical single earlobe piercings. I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to pain, so it's a huge concern of mine that getting my tongue pierced would be painful.

My friend was looking into getting hers pierced as well, and told me that it's actually one of the least painful piercings of them all, because they actually "freeze" your tongue with something that numbs it? I'm not sure if any of that information is correct, but would appreciate it if you could let me know if it is or not [:

Also, how do you properly care for a tongue piercing? I.e., how do you wash it/clean it properly, etc? Also, how long do you have to wait before you can remove the piercing? My mother's not exactly crazy about the idea of me getting my tongue pierced, but I think she'd be okay if I could take out the stud whenever I saw my grandparents/went to the doctor/etc. Hehe.

Also, when I do actually remove the piercing, is there going to be a gaping hole in my tongue? I understand that there will be a hole of SOME sort, but how big? Is it noticeable when I talk? Is it noticeable if I stick my tongue out?

Lastly, is there anything that can go wrong when you get your tongue pierced? Other than it getting infected. You know what I mean, is there a nerve or something that can be hit with the piercing needle? Aha, i don't know. Just, is there anything that can go wrong?

Thank you so much!


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    Most parlors don't have numbing spray, but some do. If you're worried about pain, you can get it numbed but it will only numb the surface and i don't understand the purpose of a piercing without the pain; but that's me.

    Pain will depend on your pain tolerance, where you get it pierced on your tongue (the tip and sides of your tongue have more nerves/veins so tip/side tongue piercings will hurt more than one in the center) and your piercer. It's obvious why it depends on your pain tolerance, but if you go to a bad piercer, they're going to do a bad job which will result in unnecessary amounts of pain. You won't be able to go to a good piercer until you're 16 (piercing ethics) so if you can wait two more years, that'd be great. But even then, some piercers feel iffy about piercing minors tongues (even with consent) because of the "function" purpose of a tongue piercing.

    Clean it 4-5x a day with saline; after you wake up, eat/drink anything (besides water) and before you go to bed. Don't use mouthwash more than once a day and never use Listerine; mouthwash wasn't made to clean piercings, overusing mouthwash can result in thrush and using it more than once a day can result in the decay of tooth enamel (why dentists only want you to use it once a day). Just gargle the saline as you would a mouthwash for 30-60 seconds 4-5x a day and your piercing should heal perfectly.

    Once the swelling is completely down you should get the jewelry switched to a smaller, better fitting post so it doesn't harm your teeth, gums and jaw bone (yes, tongue piercings can result in chipped/loss of teeth, gum recession and jaw bone erosion). If you need to hide your piercing and it's fully healed, get a tongue piercing retainer-- they're clear and they should not be noticeable for anyone. Please don't take out the jewelry unless you want to the piercing to close or are changing the jewelry because a piercing can close within minutes, regardless of how long you've had it; i had my inverse navel for 6 months and it closed within less than 12 minutes, do not risk it is what i'm trying to say.

    Not a gaping hole, but there will be a small hole. If you stretch your tongue to 6g or something, yes there will be a gaping hole, but a 14g hole is really nothing. 14g = 1.6mm so if you get your hands on a meter stick, just look at that; it's really not that big at all. It shouldn't be too noticeable, obviously it will be noticeable with jewelry in but it shouldn't be too noticeable with your tongue out (not sure why you'd do that?)

    It can get infected and you die, worse case scenario for ANY piercing. Other than that, go to a good piercer and your nerves/veins will be avoided for the piercing (unless there's no way to pierce around them, in which case you'll not be able to get the piercing). If you go to a professional that's a member of the APP, nothing will go wrong for the piercing part but after that (when the aftercare is up to YOU) a lot of things can go wrong so be a good piercee and take great care of your piercing.

    Here's some sites i think you should look at:

    To find a great piercer:

    and oral aftercare:

    Good luck, i'm sorry if me telling you to wait until you're older offended you but i do think waiting would be in your best interest.


    to clean your jewelry, please don't use alcohol. Even though you're just using that on the jewelry to clean it, that jewelry will come in contact with your piercing and alcohol irritates the hell out of the fistula, dries/tears the fistula, and kills too much bacteria. What i've done to clean my jewelry is boil saline (1/8 to 1/4 tablespoon of pure sea salt diluted in 8 oz. of warm distilled/bottled water) and keep the jewelry in there for 30-60 minutes or go to my piercer to have them autoclave sterilize it for me. Please don't use a harmful product for piercings to clean your jewelry, there are much better methods.


    There are nerves in the tongue, i'm not sure why there wouldn't be. If you bit down on your tongue and it really hurts, it's because you most likely pinched a few nerves so there ARE nerves in the tongue.

    Also, it's suggest by Elayne Angel (author of the Piercing Bible, who has preformed over 40,000 piercings, has basically been in the piercing industry in America since it started and has five tongue piercings) to eat ice cream (and other cold dairy products) as initial food because it's cold and it will help sooth the piercing-- the myth of milk giving you a yeast infection is completely false, an imbalance of bacteria will give you a yeast infection.

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    They don't freeze your tongue. It doesn't hurt. You can feel the clamps, then the needle is like a slight pinch and it's done. It's very fast. The healing process doesn't hurt either. Rinse your mouth out with water after you're done eating and use alcohol free mouthwash once at night. Tongue piercings and mouth piercings heal on their own and only take about a month to heal. You have to wait at least 2 months to take it out but it still has the risk of closing. Don't drink milk or eat ice cream for at least 2 weeks. Don't change it to plastic for at least a month. It will be a small needle, no bigger than the size of the jewelry (14g). It's not noticeable when you talk and will close shortly and practically disappear. No, there is nothing that can go wrong when getting your tongue pierced. There are no nerves you can hit. Those are all myths. They may hit a vein and the piercing will bleed more when it gets pierced, which is fine.

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    Is it painful getting your tongue pierced?

    I'm a fourteen year old female. I'm very interested in getting my tongue pierced. I have no other piercings, other than the typical single earlobe piercings. I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to pain, so it's a huge concern of mine that getting my tongue pierced would be...

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    Tongue Numbing Spray

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    I've had mine pierced for about a year. To answer everything:

    The piercing itself doesn't hurt too bad, but the healing is intense. Your tongue swells to a ridiculous size and you can only eat liquid foods for a week. I tried eating solids and I ripped my tongue which caused me to have to go through 4 more extra days of healing.

    My piercer didn't numb me. She ran a flashlight under my tongue to see if I could have it done. If you have a vein going through the area, you can't get it pierced. After that I rinsed my mouth out then she stuck a sharp thick needle through it. It was over in like 1 second and wasn't too bad. I don't know anything about numbing the tongue though.

    I don't really wash or clean my bars and balls. I have so many that I usually just end up buying new ones and never using the old ones again. But I;ve heard to clean you can just soak it in alcohol.

    I had to wait about 2-3 weeks before I could change my bar from the long one they give you at first to the normal size one you'll wear after it heals. After that you can change it as much as you want but yo can;t keep it out for long. After first getting it done, the hole will close super quickly, as in like a matter of hours. Now that I've had mine for a year, I can leave it out all night and I'm good.

    You could take it out when visiting family or going to the doctor but not for long. If you have to leave it out for extended periods of time then carry a tongue ring with you and when you go to the bathroom just run the tongue ring through the hole a few times to keep it open.

    You can't see the hole at all when you take it out. It's a bit more noticable on my tongue because, as I said, I ripped it, but there's no gaping hole. Your tongue is fleshy so it sort of covers the hole itself. Mine isn't noticeable at all when I talk, but I don't open my mouth too wide when talking. Of course it's noticeable if you stick your tongue out, it is a tongue ring after all.

    The piercer could hit a nerve or vein but if he/she is properly trained they'll do the flashlight test (that I mentioned earlier) to check first. There's risks with every piercing but as long as you go somewhere safe clean and reliable, you should be fine. Mine turned out great, as did everyone else I know.

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    If you're afraid of the pain, then you don't need the piercing.

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    Yes, it's going to hurt but then, It won't. It will also get infected which is most probably.

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