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For Those Who Have Band Hero....?

Why is it that on the drums for the song, "Believe" by The Bravery, if you get 100% it gives you 6 red stars. But if you get 100% on "Dirty Little Secret" by The All American Rejects, it only gives you 5 red stars. At least on medium it's that way for me

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    I think the stars (if I remember correctly) are by how many points you get, not your percentage. So someone could hit all the notes right but not use their star power meter thing well or not get streak bonuses and not get enough points. Also, on Rock Band 2, I know you can't get the gold stars (which is what you get if you really beast a song over and above the five stars playing on expert) if you're not playing expert, so if you're playing on medium, that may have something to do with it with Band Hero, too. Anyway, you don't get as many points on medium as you do on a harder setting.

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