AP Calculus AB or BC?

Which should I take? I'm not planning on majoring in math or science in college, but I've heard BC gets you more college credit.

My schedule:

AP Calculus (AB OR BC)

AP English 12

AP Modern Europe

AP Physics

AP Bio

AP Spanish Language



Would it be too much to take on to take BC? I already have lots of other AP classes...is it that much more difficult than AB? Does it really get you more college credit?


Ryan- my high school gives you a choice, so I could "automatically skip AB"

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  • 10 years ago
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    Honestly, just take the BC. They're both easy courses, and I've taken 7 APs in a year no problem. I don't consider myself very smart or anything, so I think you'll do fine.

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  • 10 years ago

    @Some Guy: Wow, you're humble to a fault...

    BC requires that you already know a lot of AB topics. I honestly think you should take AB. I have taken both classes, and BC is centered around topics you've learned in AB, which is a year long course. There are juniors in my class who've struggled in the beginning, but by the second semester, they've gotten used to it. But then again, even the kids who've taken AB for a year struggle because the topics presented in BC are considerably harder. You usually have to take a summer course, which I think is a waste of time, lol, to spend your summer learning calculus...

    AB gives you college credit for like half a year of calculus, while completing BC gives you a whole year. It may be all for naught if the university you want to attend won't even accept the credit. Also, you might not even pass the AP exam (I don't question your intelligence, it's just that you're at a big disadvantage to other students who've taken AB unless you are a math buff, so if you've scored around 800 on the SAT math section, you probably have the brains to learn AB in a month, and should take BC). Otherwise, take AB.

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  • Ryan
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    10 years ago

    Wow you have an overload of AP courses. And that will surely provide you with an abundance of stress and work. I say take AB because you need 95% of its concepts to understand BC. BC is not hard but without a good, previous dose of any Calculus, you will be lost. Besides I dont think you can just automatically skip AB. And its better to get rid of Calculus anyways during high school because professors at the college level teach faster and dont go over everything in detail such as a yearlong high school course does so you'd basically have to figure out stuff on your own time.

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  • 10 years ago

    Really depends on your college and department.

    However, as a engineering major, I can tell you you will NOT need BC since it has no use for you if you are not doing engineering or math. AB is plenty for other majors and will get your math credit.

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