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I need at lest 10 or + opinions.? (kinda long but please read)(I wrote this fast so there's some mistakes)?

Ok, sorry this is long but please read it

14 year old twins Alex (boy) and Emma (girl) spark had just moved from north Carolina to new York and are discovering some odd things going on at their new home and school. They find two long thick necklaces with a large dimand (One red and one blue) in their bedrooms along with a note saying:


THeir parents died when thy were young. They live with their aunt Malory who doesn't want them but was the only one left in the family to take them. 

They stumbled across a note on alex's locker at school the next day saying:

4:00. School fountain


So they went to the fountain after school. They waited and 5min. Later a girl came running by, snatched their arms, and continued running with them in her grasp. They stop in the middle of the woods at school. All she did said was "gard these necklaces with your life. Don't let them out of your sight. Read this. Belive it." while handing them a think journal and pointing at the necklaces around their necks.  

Emma and Alex walked back home with the journal. Confussed. They read it when they got home. 

It said that twins, a boy and a girl, 14 years old are to save the world. They must save the world from the dark ones. The two must destroy the dark ones together before they take over the world and it becomes how it was many years ago. 

Many years ago a set of twins, boy and girl, were born. They grew up knowing that some day they would defeat the sark ones. They created two dimand necklaces. One red and one blue. These dimand contained magic that they needed to defeat the dark ones. They defeated them and now The dark ones are back and they are the chosen set of twins to defeat them before they take over. 

There are 3 people in 3 diffrent places around the world. These three people are the three leaders of the dark ones. They are getting the portals ready to release the dark ones into the world. These are the three people the twins must defeat.

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    Seems a little cliche to me, their parents died and then suddenly they find out there's magical necklaces created just for them because they're the foretold Chosen Ones.

    In all honesty, it's not the most original plot I've ever seen. There are plenty of stories that go "Long ago, twins were chosen to defeat (insert dark creature(s) here)! Now you, my children, have been chosen to fulfill this sacred duty! Go forth with these magic artifacts because destiny said so and beat up those dark baddie because the world rests on your shoulders!"

    So... maybe switch it up a bit?

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    That appears like a best and fascinating ebook. Just upload extra person and persona to the twins. Also, be certain that you just relatively describe the way in which all of the characters appear in order that the reader can image the whole thing of their brain as they learn the ebook. Besides that it appears like you're off to a best begin! Remember to be very decriptive.

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