why would my dad say this?

To start, I'm not a slacker and I always put effort into what im doing for example...

About a week ago i stayed up until 3 am doing a science project, and not because i procrastinated, it was because i was trying to make my project look the best it could be, and last time i did a project my parents let me stay home from school one day so i could have more time to make my project look the best it could be....i'm not lazy is what I'm trying to say.And I always clean, I'm the only one in the house who cleans the upholstery, i waste days cleaning the house non-stop and picking up after everyones messes.So anyways, my dad was making dinner and my uncle and cousins have been over for a few days now and my uncle was helping make dinner, they asked me to un-stack all the plates, and i did, but i guess i was also supposed get everyones dinner for them, they never told me that, so when they noticed i didnt, my uncle was like "Brenna! You didn't do what I asked!" So my dad just got ticked off and was like "DONT BOTHER ASKING HER, SHE HALF-@SSES everything!" i got mad and started fighting with him, so he said "Brenna, just shut up and stop digging yourself in a grave" So i ran off and went to my room.

Why would he say that?

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    10 years ago
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    I went round after round with my parents before I moved up here to go to college. It seemed like nothing I did was ever appreciated or even acknowledged half the time. School wise, they certainly never had much to complain about. I was in National Honor Society, president of NFS, was on the speech and debate team, recognized in who's who among american scholars and eventually was awarded the national merit scholarship.

    Even so, they always found things to nit pick over. I think the main thing that took me awhile to deal with was the fact that my parents were actually people too. I know that seems strange, but I never looked at my parents as having the same types of problems as I did. Its like they were on a different level of existence than the rest of the world. They were super Mom and Dad. I never thought to think about the fact that they have hopes, dreams, and aspirations just like I do. They have bad days and take out their frustrations when they do not mean it, and they make ever bit as many mistakes as I do. After I started looking at the situation in that light, it made much more sense to me.

    After I moved up here to school, our relationship has improved. I am not sure if that is just because I am not around them constantly anymore, or because I have maybe grown up a little. Heck, maybe they have been the ones that have changed.

    Everyone has a home situation that has problems. I used to think my family was the only one that had weirdness in it, but boy was I wrong. I am sure you guys will work it out one way or another. It just takes time.

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    some people want to proof something for others maybe your dad want to proof that he control everything in the house so he act like that ,this is a double personality i think ...

    hope he was not drunken that time...

  • 10 years ago

    maybe when he said that he wasnt in a good mood..i think he will get over it because my mom does the same thing..or maybe he was just joking around... :)

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