Does anyone knows who dies in glee?

From what I've read it says that someone will die in the episode of Regionals and this tragedy has a significant impact on the long-awaited event.

The question is if anyone of you know who is it from a confident source...

I read it here:

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    Adding to Colton Vickery's comment, I have my own suspicions. My gut says Burt, but I had no knowledge of his continued inclusion (plus he already had a heart attack), so I've eliminated him. Carl was my next guess, but then I thought he wouldn't affect ND or any other group (unless they cry over losing their dentist); also, Stamos apparently is confirmed for 10 episodes, and he's nowhere close to that.

    I agree with Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Finn, and Quinn all being accounted for based on the posts I've seen. April hasn't been around yet, I know it's not her. Quinn's mother wasn't brought up in that answer, but would they bring her back just to kill her? Does that scene happen after they perform...or before? I doubt it's a ND member for one reason: they have 12 people in the group now, and they apparently go before Dalton Academy; if one of them dies, they have 11 and are DQed since Kurt performs with Dalton before going back to McKinley later in the episode (apparently taking Blaine with him when the Warblers are finished, ND apparently wins Regionals too). Thus, Tina is safe in my books as well as everyone else, but having her missing from the previews is ominous. Watch for the trailer on March 8 after "Sexy" to see if she appears briefly and we can revisit this.

    Let's cut to Colton's short list. Figgins, Will, Emma, Beiste, Brad (ND's pianist), Carole. Tina, and Jacob. In reverse order: Jacob: nope, wouldn't affect ND. Tina: possible, but again would DQ ND, so no. Carole: also possible, and a good candidate. Brad: not a storyline character, replaceable and wouldn't affect the team that much. Beiste: maybe. Emma I will eliminate; Stamos has 10 episodes confirmed, and without Emma in the show would not have any role I can see. Will: no way, he is literally THE main character, and the only possibility if he goes is that Paltrow would take over Glee Club permanently; I do not believe this has even been suggested in the furthest rumours. Figgins; not a major character, but nonetheless possible as the entire school would be affected by it.

    Therefore, my short list: Figgins, Beiste, and Carole. Beiste doesn't seem as likely to be a big effect. Figgins could end up going, and a new principal comes in, becomes aware of something about the football team, and someone gets expelled. This is a possible storyline, but Carole would have a deep effect on both Finn and Kurt (his new step-mother) if she dies off, so I would not at all be shocked to see her in her deathbed. EDIT: Now, apparently Carole's actress has recently canceled other commitments to appear on Glee, so I have to now count her out. Beiste seems like the only plausible person to kill off at the moment, as they won't drop Figgins I think (though it's still possible), and the bird is still a candidate.

    Side note: Artie was left off the previous post, also; it's a possibility, but again would disqualify ND; was he pictured? I wonder if Jacob has to come in to fake-dance again; if so, that puts Artie and Tina back in the short list.

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    Its definetly not going to be Karofsky, Iqbal confirmed that Karofsky wouldn't be written off the show and Murphy said he wanted a happy ending for him, plus theres an entire Karofsky-centric episode where they sing Born This Way. ET Canada said that someone would be kicked out of McKinley, but its not sure as to whether the two are connected. The death happens before regionals, and Blaine and Kurt do a duet so it wont be Blaine. Carl wouldn't effect regionals at all. April is confirmed to be in the episode after Regionals. It's more than likely going to be a ND member, which will suck, but if its Pavarotti (Warblers Bird) thats WAY too anti-climatic. Ashley Fink (Lauren Zizies) has confirmed it isnt her, and Rachel has a solo at regionals so it wont be her, and Finn and Quinn hold hands during Kurt and Blaine's duet so it wont be them either. Mercedes, Santana, Puck, Sam, Quinn, Lauren, and Brittany have all been pictured in the regionals outfits, so they are all safe. Mike's actor was promoted to a regular for season 3, he's safe. Tina is the only ND member unaccounted for. If there is no connection between the death and whoever gets kicked out, then it could be a faculty member, or family member, Burt's actor is confirmed for 6 episodes next season, he's safe. Terri wouldnt impact regionals. Killing off Sue's sister would ruin Sue's character.

    So in summary we have: Faculty and Family; Figgins, Will, Emma, Beiste, Brad (ND's pianist), and Carole. Students: Tina and Jacob.

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    I think it will either be Carl or the Warblers bird. I mean why else would they even brought up the bird. I bet it dies and then Blaine and Kurt go to Mckinley!!!!!

  • Kay
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    9 years ago

    I have no idea, I'm 99% sure that no one does except for the cast and Ryan Murphy himself.

    However, my guess is Karofsky.

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    Let's just hope it's Carl!

    Will & Emma <3

  • 9 years ago

    i'm guessing karofsky, carl, burt, april, or sue's sister. but it definitely won't be sue, brittany, or becky.

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