Is there a fuse for headlights on 2000 mitsubishi galant?

passanger side headlight wont go on only highbeam just noticed a 10amp fuse is blown from under hood.. can this be the problem? Many thanks in advance.

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    10 years ago
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    I think that the Galant has a 20-amp fuse for the headlights, it should be listed on the fuse cover. Most likely you have a semi-burnt out bulb. Replace both left and right headlight bulbs at the same, they do not cost very much ($10-20 bucks for the pair.) Hi and lo beams operate off of one bulb per side.

    Sylvania part number 9003/HB2 is one replacement option.

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    Galants have a common problem with the headlights. They all have too small a gauge wiring and the harness connectors melt because of it. Remove the harness connectors from the bulbs by pinching the sides of the connector and wiggle them off. They will come off hard because of the melted plastic. The bulbs can be reused if the terminals are scraped/sanded clean but the melted harness connectors will need replacing. NAPA sells the connectors but it's tricky replacing them. They need to be soldered in. The trouble is the connectors have a different wire color and the wires don't go to the same terminals as the old connectors. You need to check the wires to see which spot on the connector they run to. Use a DVOM or the light will be dim and wink up and down out of sync.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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