why is the ghost of hamlet's father doomed to walk the earth during the night and to spend its days in flames?

From Hamlet by Shakespeare. Can you help me out?

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    Hamlet's father was stuck in Purgatory because he hadn't confessed his sins before he died. However, presumably he had confessed his sins on the Sunday before his death. So what sin had he committed since then? The same sin he was still committing - he was unable to part from his earthly kingdom so he was doomed to walk the night in search of his "extorted treasure in the womb of earth."

    Claudius was doomed to hell for the same sin - he knew he could never be forgiven for his sins because he was unable to give up the kingdom that he had sinned to gain.

    Both brothers were like the rich man on the camel who was unable to get into heaven because he couldn't part with his earthly treasures.

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    He is killed without warning, and in the religious context of the time, without being able to confess his sins and be absolved. Therefore he is in purgatory, a place of paying for his sins before he is allowed in heaven.

    Alternatively it could be it is not his Father's spirit at all but an evil spirit come to tempt Hamlet to do wrong, ie murder. The fear of the dawn implies he is not a blessed spirit but this could apply to either of these situations.

    This is a big question! It leads into many of the themes of the play, including Hamlet's uncertainty as to his course of action and the rightness of what he is doing.

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