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Survival phrases for France?

I am leaving for a trip to Paris in about two weeks, and since I will be submersed (sp?) in a culture that I know very little about, I want to be able to get my way around a bit! :)

I will be with an English speaking group, several of whom speak acceptable French but I would still like to be able to know a little.

What phrases do you think I need to know?



(BQ: Anything I should know for London or Paris? Any tips help :)

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    wheres the bathroom, please?

    would you please call the police?

    get your hands off me! (-:

    may i borrow you phone please?

    how much does this cost?

    i'll give you half of that. (-:

    but n seriousness--

    hello. my name is _______ . how r u 2day? i am visiting ur wonderful country. cud u tell me the best little known places 2 visit? 2 eat?

    u probably wont b driving, but i wud learn the words on traffic signs. (that way u can say 2 the taxi driver--ideeot! deed zat sign not say yield 2 zee peedestreeans? not uze zem 4 a hud ornaymon?--as u an c, i dont think u want me helping with any translating:-)

    u may also want to memorize menu items. (that way when ur order arrives, its not still moving around on ur plate. :-)

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    If you have time for an online free begginer's french course try,

    I had a German course and it was very useful.

    For quick phrases try: Phrases

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  • pat z
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    "Ou est la toilette?" (Ooh ay lah twa-let?) Where is the toilet? (Take change. Many require a small fee for the woman who keeps the bathroom "clean".)

    "Merci" or "Merci beaucoup" (mare-cee...mare-cee bow-coo) Thank you. Thank you very much.

    "S'il vous plait." (cee voo play) Please.

    "Combien ca coute?" (comb-bee-en sa coot) How much is that?/ How much does that cost?

    "Ou est..." (ooh ay and fill in the rest) Where is....?

    "Ne me touche pas!" (nuh muh toosh pa) Don't touch me!

    "Je voudrais..." (juh voo-dray...and fill in the rest) I would like (the polite way to request whatever)

    "Je ne parle pas bien francais. Je m'excuse" or "Desolee" (jun pa parl bee-en frahn-say. juh mux-cues) I don't speak French well. Excuse me. Sorry.

    Bonne chance (bohn shanse) Good luck!

    And have a GREAT time! Paris is a T R I P !!!

    Source(s): American speaking French and Dutch in Belgium.
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    Most people in france do know quite a bit of English so you are not to be worried. Although they will be angry at it lol. As for survival phrases, there are quite a bit.

    Je m'appelle "your name"...My name is "your name"


    Ou se trouve.."Where is the..."

    Je voudrais..."I would like..."

    Bonjour..."Hello, Good morning and in Quebec means Good Day"


    J'aime..."I like..."

    Merci..."Thank you"

    Arreter..."Stop/To Stop"

    S'il Vous Plait..."Please(formal)"

    Je vais bien..."I am fine"

    Et toi?..."And you?"

    Moi Aussi..."Me too"

    These are just some good things to know. I am from Quebec Canada and native French :).

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Native Quebecois. Try using BYKI free language software too! It heps alot.
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