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Humphries: Nets new starting PF?

in 2nd place and 8 games behind 1st place.

H2H league, 12 teams. (3pts, pts, rbs, ast, stl, blk, to)

humphries is going to start and will be getting a lot of minutes with favors out of the way. but i also did like camby's stats before he got injured and not sure if he'll be the same.

---My Roster


-Jose Calderon

-Stephen Curry

-Steve Nash

-Ty Lawson

-Jason Terry

-Ray Allen


-Nick Young

-Tony Allen

-LeBron James


-Marcin Gortat

-Joakim Noah

-Marcus Camby DROP 4 Humphries?

-Dwight Howard

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    There is a good chance Camby comes back within a couple of weeks, but even when he's fully healthy we will only give you 28-30 mins a game. Outside of boards and blocks, Camby won't give you much else. Not even his FG% is reliable, which is pretty sad for a big man. Giving up Camby can be tough, especially because of his name value and the fact that he IS a huge asset in the blocks category (in his 39 games this season, he recorded at least 3 blocks in 11 of those!), but if there is any big man in free agency that would make a good replacement for Camby it would be...

    Kris Humphries, since he's bound to get at least 32 minutes a game now that New Jersey has traded away the promising prospect Derrick Favors leaving Brandon Wright as the only person behind Humphries. The Nets haven't made it official, but it would freakishly surprising to see Humps on the bench when the Nets play again. Humps is already a better scorer than Camby and he should be getting about 10 points a game now that he'll be seeing a large number of minutes consistently to go along with getting anywhere between at least 11-12 rebounds on a game-by-game basis. He can get blocks too and the increased minutes should see him blocks go to about 1.5 per game. Plus, having a FG% over 50% certainly beats the crap out of Camby's meager 43%.

    In the end Camby will get more blocks regardless, but Humps can block a lot of shots too while shooting a MUCH better FG%. Camby can't get you much points and his minutes are a little restricted, but Humps will be let loose and has a great chance of reaching 10 points and 12 boards a game. The double-double potential, FG%, minutes, and health all give him more value than Camby for the rest of the season. Dump Camby!

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    Pick humphries up camby is hurt and is not better then him u have lup sided team to many guards thats why your in 2nd u got noah coming back that will help but my two number 1 teams have atleast 6-9 rebounders

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