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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 1 decade ago

immigration in the United States?

please help(:

Can some one please help me find a new recent article of immigration / what the government has done in its efforts to keep illegal immigrants from entering the United States. I need to write a essay for it and im not finding good enough information .

thanks (:

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  • Beth
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    1 decade ago
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    Hello Lola, How does immigration affect the way that we live our day to day lives? Two authors write about how immigration has affected the daily lives of everyone and what we as a nation are doing about it. In "The American Dream and the Politics of Inclusion" by Mario M Cuomo, he writes about how everyone from all over the world should be welcomed into this land of freedom and opportunity. "Immigration: The Sleeping Time Bomb" written by Robert J. Bresler speaks openly about how each wave of immigrants has effected the United States. Immigration has affected the United States in many ways, some good, some bad, but it is something that we as a nation must prepare and deal with.

    Written in the Declaration of Independence is-the promise of equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. For the past 210 years we have tried so hard to give this to every American. Those who have reached the American dream, should know that the dream is not yet fulfilled until everyone has been given an equal opportunity. Some may view Immigration as a bad thing, but I consider Immigration as a more diverse way of seeing things. It's not fair if we do not open our doors to other shores to share the same dreams that we all have. Read the complete essay here:

  • 3
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    1 decade ago

    Get off your lazy a$$ and do your own homework.

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