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how do i open fkd abec 5 bearings?

my bearings need lubricant and i dont know how to open them.

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    There are three types of bearing shields in common use and fkd uses all three.

    One is neoprene covered metal. It feels like rubber on the outside.

    Gently stick a pin or other object under the lip by the inner race and lift off. It will take a little work and you may bend the shield if you are not careful. That is OK, just take off one shield and then put it back in the wheel with the open side inside.

    The other that they use on ABEC 5 and 7 bearings is "unserviceable" steel.

    The photo on is good.

    They are called unserviceable because you have to destroy the shield to open it up.

    Just destroy one and you can use them again. They take a lot of prying, where ever you can get some grip, to get them to come out. Some people have hammered a nail or large needle through the side to get something that they can grab but you have to be careful to not damage the bearings behind the shield.

    This is usually used only on poor bearings that they intend you to throw out. Most good makers would not use them on an ABEC 3 bearing much less 5 or 7.

    The third one is a serviceable steel shield. has a good picture of one on the right side that is labeled ABEC 7 Neoprene. They used a plastic shield to show off the insides but it shows the important item.

    Just inside the outer race, you can see another metal piece holding the plastic shield in place. It is a circular spring clip. At the top of the photo, you can see a gap in the clip with the edges cut at an angle like ---\ \---. You need to pick the clip out with a pin on the left side of the gap. Stick the pin between the cut end and the outer race and pull it towards the center of the bearing. If you try it on the right side, your pin will just slide away from the clip.

    They put the clips in random directions so try it on way and if that doesn't pull it, try the other.

    Source(s): 15+ years of inline skating.
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