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What are some significant traditons in Les Seychelles?

I'm doing a project and i need to know some traditions the people in Les Seychelles do .

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    The demography of Seychelles is a beautiful combination of Creole, Chinese, French, and British people. This made the culture of the country also a mixture of these said peoples' ways of life. There are customs and traditions that were derived from the ways of the Brits. There are also beliefs that came from the Creole. The different races also resulted to three major languages, French, English, and Creole.

    One of the main events of Seychelles’s tradition is the Creole Festival, established to spread all the aspects of the country’s culture. This celebration, which lasts one week, is carried out every year by the end of October and includes gastronomic delights and several fashion, musical, theatrical and dance shows.

    People believe in somewhat magic. Called gri gri, and a bonnomn dibwa.

    Gris-gris is a local brand of black magic, akin to voodoo, practised in Seychelles. Bonnomn (male) or bonnfamn dibwa (female) practitioners of gris-gris can protect you from the evil eye, aid you in your career or love life, or exact revenge upon your enemies. They use love potions or gris-gris (bags with nefarious contents) to manifest their intentions.

    Those elements of gris-gris that might be dismissed as baseless superstition are complemented by a sound knowledge of herbal medicines; Seychellois used the Madagascar periwinkle long before Western scientists applied it (with massive success) as a cure for leukaemia. Seychellois flora is a treasure chest of medicinal herbs and flowers.

    Gris-gris is taken seriously by older Seychellois, while the youth will often make use of bonnomn love potions for romantic endeavours. It's a secretive practice, so you'll not see any evidence of it unless you make active investigations, but you can see a canned gris-gris exhibition in the National History Museum on Mahé.

    The traditional moutya is an erotic dance derived from the days of slavery and still features today, together with the sega with its colourful lyrics; the kanmtole, reminiscent of a country reel, and the Kontredanse, an import from the French court.

    The first tooth that comes loose is thrown onto the roof.

    One of the key highlights of Christmas celebration in Seychelles is the beach parties. For those who are not interested in parties, may go for sailing and fly fishing.

    There is also "lafete de mor" (day of the dead). They go to loved ones graves and give the grave sites a clean and fresh coat of paint if needed and its also a time to reflect on the ones passed away.

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