Does Dexter ever cuss on the show?

On the TV show Dexter does Dexter himself ever cuss, I know his sister does like a storm, but Dexter doesn't ever seem to.

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  • george
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    10 years ago
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    Good question.

    Dexter definitely doesn't swear very often (Deb swears enough for both of them), but he does occasionally... He has always attempted to maintain his mild-mannered, likeable public image, so avoiding bad words may be part of that mask. But then again, he doesn't cuss much in his private thoughts (which we hear), either...

    Still, here's one clear example of Dexter losing it: (The dialog is from the scene in Season 4 where he had captured Trinity, but then lost him when a driver he sideswiped brought the police to find him - and he lost his temper and got arrested. In the scene, he's talking to Harry.)

    Dexter: [Exasperated] I don’t have time for this s**t.

    Harry: Why are you even in here?

    Dexter: Because of Arthur f***ing Mitchell.

    Harry: WRONG.

    Dexter: Alright - I’m here because I…didn’t follow the code. Everything you taught me was to keep me out of here.

    Harry: What else?

    Dexter: [Irritated] What do you want me to say, that I’m here because I lost it? YES. I f***ing lost it.

    Harry: [In disgust] On a f***ing cop! Like a f***ing amateur!

    Dexter: [Shouting] F*** YOU! It’s your number one rule, don’t get caught! They were gonna find him, they were gonna find me with an unconscious man!

    Harry: That’s not why you lost it.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I looooove Dexter. regrettably i dont have showtime anymore so I havent been in a position to c the 2d season yet I cant wait to purchase season 2 whilst it comes out on dvd.. all and sundry could rather supply Dexter a attempt. One episode and u'll be hooked I do think of that there are reliable shows on cable although. Like Heroes and domicile...yet it is merely my opinion.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    He actually does in quite a few scenes but yes, for the most he does not swear -which makes it that much better when he does.

    Only scene I can think of at the moment:

    When Arthur Mitchell is choking his son, Dexter puts a belt around his neck and rips him off saying "Get. The ****. Off Him!!"

  • 10 years ago

    every once in a while he does- once in the first season when he saves a kid, as he is walking away he almost walks into an alligator and he yells F*** really loud as he stumbles away :P

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