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what are typical foods served in african american culture in the 17th century?

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    In the 1600's (the "17th century") there were comparatively few african slaves transported to the US even though the first were around the 1620's. Chattel slavery (outright ownership of people) was NOT common at that time and instead, the practice of indentured servitude was common for both africans and Europeans.

    This being the case, african's food would have been the same food that was typical of the European settlers.

    Typical colonial food included Corn,peas,squash,pumpkins, grains, fruits and also animals, fish and shellfish. The things that were grown locally were the things that people ate. These would have been made into things like breads, pies, puddings, stews, etc.

    As far as the animal products ... servants in general would have gotten the lower-grade parts of the animals - but may have also raised some animals themselves.

    As far as the tastes that africans brought with them ...

    Rice did not hit the US shores until about 1694, so rice was out.

    Bananas were not common so those were out.

    Peanuts were not common until the mid 1700's. (1750+)

    Yams, squash, and peas, would have been recognizable to them.

    Foraged foods would have been eaten. Foods which they worked raising would have been common.

    BTW ... Gumbo is a dish of the French colony, Louisiana. Okra is the thickener used in gumbo. Okra was an african vegetable (the word for okra in the african Bantu language is "ki ngombo", the likely origin of the name gumbo) and the first african slaves did not arrive in Louisiana until 1719 ... so gumbo is not a dish of the 1600's.

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    Okra-based stews like gumbo, rice, beans cooked with animal parts which would have been thrown out by their masters, like pig's feet, ham hocks, tails, snouts, jowls, etc, stewed greens, sweet potatoes

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    rice and beans

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