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Question on being a YG/SM Entertainment.?


I'm wondering if I meet the criteria to join YG/SM as a Trainee.. Can some people help?

1. I'm a Singaporean and is a chinese.

2. I speak chinese, English, Cantonese and is able to understand a little Korean.

3. I'm 14 this year, birthday had just passed..

Some question:

1. Is my age acceptable? Is it legal?

2. If i pass the first round, How will they contact me?

3. Will they pay for my plane ticket?

4. If I'm being accepted, I'll study there, right?

Thanks!!(: please help to answer..

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    1. SM / YG they train their trainees minium of 2 years so I will say your age is perfect for applying audition (The Youngest trainee in SM is 12 and YG is 14 Years old right now)

    2. There is no such thing as 1st round pass or second round 3rd...or anything... it is just what people made to explain it eazy maybe? It is actually a lot more compicated and takes up to 2 month time till you get the final result.

    This is what judges (artist planning department people) do:

    Find someone talented! => Video recording =>watching the video at the staff meeting => they call you again for more songs and dances=>Video recording => another staff meeting => if they still like you then they call you again for professional voice recording => another staff meeting => if they still like you then they call you again for interview with you and your parents => staff meeting again => if they still like you they will call you again for Professional photo shooting=> Professional make up and hair and photo taking up to 500 different Angles of your face and your full body shoots=> staff meeting => presentation at monthly Executive meeting and showing all the recordings and your photos => Executives makes the final decision => you and your parents will be invited to the company again, little tour inside of company and meeting the staff members => Explain you and your parents about what is it like being a trainee and take through all the details about contract!! You and your parents signed!!! => You become an official trainee!!!

    3: yes, all the trip will be arranged by the company and pays the cost

    4, Nope! trainees from overseas come to Korea during the Summer/Winter school vacation time only for training. When they have specific plan for you then that is when they bring you to Korea and changes the school for you. Company still pays for all the cost!

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